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Welcome to WoW Raid Guide, an indepth guide to raiding in World of Warcraft the Wrath of the Lich King and beyond!
In this blog I will be writing walkthroughs and videos on how to take down those WoW raid bosses that have been giving your guild trouble, how to survive PUGs and how to advance into the end game content of World of Warcraft with step by step instructions and guides. Ontop of how to beat WoW instance bosses I will be giving boss and class information, helping you improve how you play your character and which professions may prove useful to you in and out of the instances and raids in World of Warcraft.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Introduction - Where it all began.

So I have been playing World of Warcraft from nigh on the year after its release. It was a fateful day when I had split up with my then girlfriend, moved to a new city and knew few people. So I did what everyone does in that situation...

Thats right, I got absolutely hammered. I drank enough that night to destroy the livers in half of Ireland. And yet I found to myself talking to this girl who was my type, cute brunette and just a little geeky. She told me how she had been playing this game WoW. When I asked what WoW was she giggled and said 'world of warcraft', while brushing my arm with a quick downward stroke of her arm (Unfortunately that was the last I saw of her that night).

I can only presume it was the womans touch while mentioned with the words World of Warcraft that led me to leave the house the following day and pick up a copy of the game.. Whatever my motivation though, within 2 hours of playing I was thinking two things.

1) This is bloody amazing!

2) Where is everyone?

Ahh yes, a quick readup had pronounced Druids the Jack of all trades. So jumping onto my new night-elf character I had soon found my way to Darnassus, the Capital City of night elves!!!

Tumbleweed would actually have been an improvement.

Please Blizz build an instance nearby.

But I am a quick learner, and a self admitted altoholic. So now a few years on I have a level 70 healing holy priest, a 70 dps grinding lock, my poor old feral druid languishing back at level 63 and an up and coming protection warrior at 50 (Boosts welcome ty)

I have been through a huge amount of 5-mans in my time, with a hell of a lot of pick up groups (PuGs) and I can safely say that I have mastered my classes. Something about dealing with healing able characters who refuse to throw in an occasional heal, tanks who dont have a shield, other healers who randomly go AFK and DPS who care more about their DPS emter than avoiding agro have given me a great experiecne of dealing with difficult situations, poor pulls and impossible groups.

So a few weeks ago I quit my long term but non-progressing guild to join the Order of Rotheran on Trollbane - EU. While this guild is not a top raiding guild it is a fantastic, friendly and helpful guild which will hopefully move us onto the T5 Instances soon.

And in that short term I have picked up a host of knowledge on raids, Karazhan (Kara), Zul Aman, Gruul (Not Grull!)and heroics.

Yes thats right, I will also be covering 5 mans in normal and heroic modes. These have been my bread and butter for nigh on 4 years, I consider myself fluent in them!

So all in all, welcome to my World of Warcraft Guide to Raids, Instances, PUGs and anything else that happens to catch my eye.

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