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Welcome to WoW Raid Guide, an indepth guide to raiding in World of Warcraft the Wrath of the Lich King and beyond!
In this blog I will be writing walkthroughs and videos on how to take down those WoW raid bosses that have been giving your guild trouble, how to survive PUGs and how to advance into the end game content of World of Warcraft with step by step instructions and guides. Ontop of how to beat WoW instance bosses I will be giving boss and class information, helping you improve how you play your character and which professions may prove useful to you in and out of the instances and raids in World of Warcraft.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) Naxxramas (Naxx) Intro & Guide

Naxxramas once one of the hardest raids in WoW has returned once more in Wrath of the Lich King as one of the entry level raiding instances.

Naxxramas (more commonly known as Naxx) is made up of several sections, each following a slightly different thme, though all of them, unfortunately severely depressing when compared to some of the rather vibrant instances that appeared in the burning Crusade.

As I progress through these sections, bosses and trash mobs I will be updating each of the sections below with upto date information on how to down the bosses of Naxx in WotLK. The most interesting part of the new Naxx in WotLK is that Naxx can be completed in two versions, wither 10 or 25 man raid groups. This is a great advancement to raiding guilds in my opinion as it allows both small and large guilds to run the raid and get comparatively equal loot for the number of players!

The different areas available in the new Naxx are

  • Arachnid Quarter
Arachnid Quarter 10 Man Guides
Grand Widow Faerlina

Arachnid Quarter 25 Man Guides
Grand Widow Faerlina
  • Plague Quarter
Plague Quarter 10 Man Guides
Noth the Plaguebringer
Heigan the Unclean

Plague Quarter 25 Man Guides
Noth the Plaguebringer
Heigan the Unclean
  • Military Quarter

  • Construct Quarter
  • Frostwyrm Lair
I will shortly be updating these lists with both 10 and 25 man guides to the bosses in each particular area!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Guardian Spirit - My First Take

So I have jumped back into WoW and found a whole new host of spells at my disposal, most notably I found Guardian Spirit at the top of my talent tree, and dear god it kicks ass!

Guardain spirit is a healing spell which for 10 seconds ups the targetted players healing received by 40%!

But here is the clincher, the thing that made me oh so goddamn grateful I chose priest as my healing class. If the player reaches 0% haelth with this active he will be restored to 50% life, thi slittle thing is absolutely fantastic for any wow raid where you find yourself struggling to keep the tank up!

Of course my healing is still sub par after a break of nearly 6 months, I have been doing a few BGs to try and get some healing practice in, but of course I am now getting completely owned by all the arena geared players!

If anyone wants to run a few easy 70 instances on trollbane (EU) pass me a comment and we will get it sorted!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Return to WoW - The WRath of the Liche King

So the Wrath of the Liche King is about to break, and I ahve to admit after jumping back into WoW, suffering from that damn Unknown players error, jumping out and jumping back in again I have found myself playing a game I know NOTHING about!

This may sound like a bad thing, but it has sparked my interest once agian, new talents, new spels, merging of class types. it appears WoW Has changed, though for better or worse we will have to see.

For this reason you will soon start to see me posting updates to my guides, new walk throughs and when I finally get my head around the new character atributes begin posting advice on these as well.

I have had a quick mess about with my priest, and have to admit I am loving the talents, I have also started to level up a horde mage, something I keep meaning to do after I lost interest in my alliance one!

So I look forward to coming back soon with my reviews on World of Warcraft - the Wrath of the Liche King!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Exodus Of Raiding Players has Begun?

It seems that more and more raiding players haev been leaving WoW recently, while many transferred to PvP, and Raiding is still alive and kicking, with the Wrath of the Liche King coming out soon many players have become despondant, many have quit playing until expansion release and many guilds have taken that final sigh and disbanded.

I myself have even lost interest in the game, for any who come to this site regularly you may have noticed my recent lack of posts, the reason is quite simply that I don't really play WoW anymore.

I know - it's a shocking statement to make. But after raiding for better gear left you at the mercy of those who battled in arenas, bliz announced all current gear would be nothing but a status symbol after the Wrath of the Liche King release and my memory remeniscing on the Burning Crusade release where I backed the changes blizz made only to find myself in a rather tedious daily repetition of annoying quests for no particular gain.

When I first stated playing WoW I loved the game because as I progressed in dungeons I progressed in gerar, I could beat more people and this helped to prove that I had done what I had done in raiding. It gave raiding meaning and helped me aquire both PvP and PvE experience, there were always those who raided harder, gained more gear and played better than me, there was always a standard.

Then Blizzard seperated PvE and PvP.

Suddenly I found myself thinkning what was the point. If I wanted to beat a linear set of raid bosses I could play a single player game without the multiplayer subscriptions, sure its fun to do teh linear chains with other people, but the overall goal was to be better than others. Months of raiding saw me go into a battleground and get destroyed because I did not have the right stats, raiding no longer gave me the edge on others - spending months getting a fantastic weapon left me at the mercy of those who had chosen pure PVP, even if they did work hard for it. Suddenly there was no longer any benefit in me raiding because when all's said and done I could not test the gear I earned against others.

If I wanted to play a pure PvP game I would whack Call of Duty on, I wanted to play a game where I could do a variety of things to progress against other people - now only PvP play progresses you against other people, Raiding just progresses you against the game.

For this reason I am on the very verge of quiting the game, and this will alas mean teh ed of this blog, which I may or may not sell on to a new owner.

But unless Blizz re-alligns PvP and PvE into one entirity again I very much doubt I will be staying with the game that has put off so many of it's fans.

We all know someone who has had their account hacked, whether it was by brute force, or amybe you suspect the player had the odd bit of powerlevelling done for him.

Now however blizzard have brought out a small USB key called the WoW Authenticator, if you buy this and set your account up as an Authenticator account you will be unable to log into WoW Without this USB key, a great way to protect all your Raiding Epics!

Of course there is a downside, these are currently all sold out, but do not fret, Blizzard have announced that they will be upping production and refunding those who have made orders that cannot be instantly fulfilled!

Personally I love the idea of some decent Account Protection, I am however just a little worried that things may go pearshaped when, for instance, i accidentally stand on it, lose it, let it go through the washing machine. When this happens, and knowing my clumsyness on occasions it most definately will, I will be without my precious WoW for days, weeks, and if its still sold out maybe over a month.

Jesus Mother of Mary I hope you get a back up!

Monday, 30 June 2008

Wrath of the Liche King - Non-Linear Dungeons Return!

For those of us who are Old School WoW raiders, Blackrock Depths was probably your first venture into a large, non linear dungeon which allowed yo to go where you wanted and kill bosses in your own order.

The fact of the matter was that Blackrock Depths really did allow you to explore!. It provided a lot of adventure which many other dungeons lack as you chain pull down a single corridor. I liked the fact that the keys for the doors was hard to obtain, allowing more select groups to advance to certain areas more easily. I liked the feeling that in this instance you were actually progressing.

It was for this reason that the Burning Crusade left me feeling a little disappointed, and why Karazhan remains my favorite Raid, hell my favorite instance. It seems that in the Burning Crusade you found yourself stuck in very linear gameplay, doin the same thing over and over, following a corridor to the next boss over and over again, whether you were in a raid or an instance.

Fortunately Blizz has been listening to the World of Warcraft community and has moved forward with plans to create a new breed of non linear Raid and 5-man instances, allowing for variation, progression and most importantly entertainment for WoW Raiders!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Since Patch 2.4 was released there has een a huge influx in daily quests, most of them easy to do and all of them giving a lot of Gold. The Shattered Sun Offensive Daily Quests are by far the best daily quests for making gold quickly and bumping up your Shattered Sun Offensive Reputation.

Like many players I tend to do as many daily quests as possible in my free time to get as much gold as possible out of them, after all 2 for 5 minutes work isn't bad!

I did however have trouble finding a complete list of the dailies, so here they are, the entire Patch 2.4 Daily Quest List!

Shattered Sun Offensive Phase One

Shattered Sun Offensive Phase Two
Shattered Sun Offensive Phase 2 (50%)

Shattered Sun Offensive Phase Three

Shattered Sun Offensive Four

New Daily PVP Quests

Reputation Shattered Sun QuestsAnd there you have it, the entire Patch 2.4 Daily Quests, a great way to make lots of gold fast, and the reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive wont hurt either!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Season 4 Arena Gear Hitting the Shelves Soon!

So it seems that Season 4 is immanent, the rollout of large numbers of Epic Kick Arse Gear is pretty soon going to cover the realms and us poor raiders who are still making our way to the new end game will be suffering once more.

There is some good news though, despite the looks getting yet again almost identically copied (Please blizz you can manage to hire a few more designers can't you?) the new top end Arena sword will be an entire 10 points bellow the equivalent Raid Drop.

And while the incoming Season 4 will soon be arriving to players Drysc from Blizzard will not say how soon other than to say he wants to see more Guilds take down Kil'jaeden, who is currently standing undefeated bar 0.03% of the guilds in World of Warcraft, hell only 3.88% of Guilds have made it in to the Sunwell Platau Raid Instance.

In the meantime its upto us solid PvE'rs to progress with speed to get our gear up before the Arena Goers can torunce us again!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Shattered Sun Daily Quests Complete Guide

I have had quite a few emails through asking for a complete guide to the Shattered Sun Offensive Daily Quests, one of the Best ways of Making Gold in World of Warcraft.

Well as important as Gold is to Raiders I will not go too indepth on it here, But I have done a write up on one of my other blogs, WoW Gold Guru, on which I have included a complete list of Shattered Sun Daily Quests to help people make the most of their gold grinding time on WoW.

You can find the list of Shattered Sun Quests Here!

If you have any additions comments or best order tips to add please feel free to leave them in the comments :)

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider Tempest Keep Tactics - The Lord of the Blood Elves

Kael'thas Sunstrider is the last, and most complicated boss of Tempest Keep. He has no less than five phases, each as cunning as a weasle and sly as a fox. On top of that you will be dealing with four incredibly pain in the arse adds that you will need to defeat twice. In patch 2.4 Blizz made up a bit for his difficulty by making it possible to reach him directly and also increased his loos to 3 Tier 5 Chest Pieces.

The Abilities of Kael'thas and his sidekicks are fairyl danuting at first. His advisors are resurrected in Phase 3 effectively giving them double their health! Perfecting the tactics required to defeat the final boss Kael'Thas need to be learnt by every member of your raid.

Thaladred the Darkener
  • Around 280k health
  • 3-4k Melee on plate plus 2.5k every tick for 12 seconds
  • Gaze – Fixes aggro to a random person in raid; 9 second cooldown
  • Psychic Blow – 4-5k damage plus knockback to his current target, 30 yard range
  • Silence – Silences anyone within 8 yards
Lord Sanguinar
  • 290kHealth
  • 3-4k Melee damage on plate
  • Bellowing Roar – A 35 yard AoE fear around him, 1.5 second cast, fortunately does not reset his agro!
Grand Astromancer Capernian
  • Around 200k health
  • Fireball – 6-7k single-target fire damage
  • Conflagration – Randomly targets a player within 30 yard range causing disorientateand dealing 600-900 dps and 300 damage per second to all players within 8 yards of the debuffed raid member. Capernian does not attack any players with conflagaration.
  • Arcane Explosion – Deals 4.5k Arcane damage and has a knockback effect with a slowing debuff. This only occurs when players are within melee range, so get your ranged attack on him!
Master Engineer Telonicus
  • Around 275k
  • Bomb - 7-9k fire in a small AoE centered on current target's location, 1.5 second cast
  • Remote Toy – 60 sec debuff placed on a random player, periodically stuns the affected player for 4 seconds

Kael'thas Sunstrider
  • 3.6 Million Health
  • Around 4k Melee Damageon plate
  • Fireball – 2.5 sec cast, between 16-20k fire damage, interruptible
  • Flamestrike – 3 sec cast, and around 3k fire damage per second AoE for 10 sec
  • Summon Phoenix – Summons a Phoenix
  • Arcane Disruption – 1750-2250 Arcane damage and a 10 second disorient to every raid member, 20 sec cooldown
  • Shock Barrier – a shield which absorbs 80k damage, lasts 10 seconds and stops spell interrupt abilities

Phase 4 specific abilities:

  • Mind Control – Mind controls 2-3 people in the raid
  • Pyroblast – 4 sec cast, 45k-55k fire damage, interruptible, 60 sec cooldown; begins casting immediately after casting Shock Barrier

Phase 5 specific abilities:

  • Gravity Lapse – All members of raid are teleported to him and then swim in the air for 30 sec
  • Nether Beam – 1850-2150 arcane damage to a random target, jumps to nearby players, damage doubled for each jump (So Spread Out!)
  • Nether Vapor – Small black clouds floating in the air near Kael'thas. If touched they add a stacking debuff which reduces max health by 10% each time, stacking up to 9 times, to 90% reduction.
Raid Composition for this fight is drastically important, you will need
  • Main Tank
  • Fire Resist Tank (With at least 150 fire resist for use as Conflag target during Phase 1 and Phoenix tank in Phases 4 and 5)
  • 2 Off-Tanks
  • 6-7 Healers
  • 5-6 Melee
  • 10-11 Ranged

Ranged damage dealers are much much better than melee in this fight since there are mobs which cause large amounts of damage to melee (Thaladred and Capernian), and the Phoenix eggs are muchmore easily killed by ranged who do not have to run to the Eggs.

Phase One

In the first phase you can take a quite relaxed pace in killing the advisors, each one has a tactic to take him down with relative ease.

  • Thaladred the Darkener - Sets his Gaze on a raid member thus giving him 100% agro for the fight. For the duration of the gaze he will walk toward that target, who must run away and kite him while ranged DPS attack Thaladred. For brief intervals between gazes, or if the gaze target dies, Thaladred may melee or follow the target with the most threat. Nobody should be closer than 10 yards when a gaze shift takes place.
  • Lord Sanguinar is a simple tank and spank boss, made interesting only by his fear ability which does not even reset agro. DPS, particularly Ranged, must remember to let the tank keep agro during fear.
  • Grand Astromancer Capernian casts Arcane Explosion if there are people in melee range, making this another ranged-only fight. Conflagrate must be avoided by everybody except her tanks. One possible setup is to have a fire resist tank stand rather close to her (remaining 15 yards away outside Arcane Explosion range) to take the conflagrations, while a Warlock kills her from 30 yards away. This tactic needs two healers on the warlock, and one on the fire tank. Alternately, she can be tanked by two warlocks which take turns - when one is conflagrated, the other takes over. Warlocks tanking her must not have Nether Protection, Since se will run forward to melee, and then cast arcane explosion, if one of her spells is resisted.
  • Master Engineer Telonicus is the least dangerous of the advisors. His Remote Toy debuff can be fatal if placed on a tank in phase 2 as it reduces threat generation, so delay killing Telonicus until no tank has the debuff. In phase 3 the debuff is rendered useless by the staff's anti-stun aura.

Phase 2: The Weapons

when you have killed all the advisors Kael'thas summons seven legendary weapons. By killing and looting these weapons all raid members can equip themselves with legendary weapons for the rest of the fight. The weapons are multi-drop but unique so one player can, but should not, pick up one copy of each. Killing the weapons is a mixture of AoE and focus fire. There should be an AoE kill zone, where most of the weapons are held, while the remaining DPS concentrate on one weapon after the other. Here's an overview of the weapons in a reasonable kill order:

Netherstrand Longbow ~210k HP

Has a Multi-Shot attack and drops its agro list if any melee or pet attack it. Preferably tanked by a hunter facing it away from the raid to avoid Multi-Shot hitting others. This is the most dangerous weapon and should be killed first by all hunters and ranged DPS which are not contributing to the AoE to avoid the tanking hunter losing agro.

Staff of Disintegration ~170k HP

Low melee damage, attacks with Frostbolt and Frost Nova. It likes to cast a Frost Nova, run away 10-15 yards and then start to Frostbolt. It's a highly desirable item because its "use" ability grants immunity to the Remote Toy debuff, and it increases the damage output of casters.It has low health and dies much faster than the other ledgendary weapons

Cosmic Infuser ~280k HP

Deals little melee damage but heals itself and friendly targets, which can and must be interrupted. The melee damage dealers should control and kill this

Infinity Blade ~210k HP

Hits for an average amount but attacks very fast. Has a Thrash ability that grants it two extra attacks periodically.

Warp Slicer ~290k HP

Hits for around 1.5K every 2 seconds on plate and applies a stacking rend DoT. Each stack ticks for an additional 500 damage every 3s for 15sThis can be can missed, dodged or parried.

Devastation ~230k HP

Frequently Whirlwinds, which one-shots any non-tanks. Needs to be tanked away from the other weapons either near the edge or away from the AoEs. Not very useful for most raid membersso doesn't really matter if itdoesn't die quickly.

Phaseshift Bulwark ~290k HP

Deals a high amount of damage and has a shield spike ability which when activated can reflect a lot of damage to a fast attacking melee DPS. The Phaseshift Bulwark has much higher HP and armor than the other ledgendary weapons. You can do phase 3 without it, but the Tanks will not be able to manage Kael'thas without it in Phase 4

Tank Assignment List:

  • Axe - Main Tank
  • Sword and Shield - Main Tank
  • Mace + Dagger - Offtank
  • Staff - Offtank
  • Bow - Hunter

The weapon corpses despawn after 60 seconds so must be picked up swiftly, the weapons looted despawn after 15 minutes or when the fight is reset.

Do not worry if you still have a couple of weapons alive at the start of phase 3, you can wrk around the problem

Phase 3

Two minutes after the start of Phase 2 Kael'thas resurrects his advisors. The tanks and their healers should start to move to the corpses of their previous targets several seconds before Phase 3 Hits, so that they can immediately pick up the advisors.

Advisor tank list:

  • Sanguinar - Main Tank
  • Telonicus - Off-tank
  • Capernian - Warlock & Tank (With Fire Resistance)

This is pretty much the same as before, Thaladred and Capernian should be avoided by melee. and the four advisors can be safely attacked by ranged. Since Thaladred is worst, ranged DPS should take him down first. One melee damage dealer with the Infinity Blade should put the weapons debuff on himwith care, the player must be aware of incoming Gaze shifts, move away before the gaze shift and return to DPS when another person has teh gaze..

All other melee damage dealers should concentrate on Sanguinar first and Telonicus second.

After Thaladred is down, ranged DPS can either help the melee group at Sanguinar, or start on Capernian. The decision is group dependant and depends on teh strength of your melee dps.

When all other adds are down all DPS should focus on Telonicus .

Phase 4: Taking matters into one's own hands

When Phase 3 has been going for 3 minutes Kael'thas joins the fight. You should be ok if one advisor is still up, two or moer however and chances are you will wipe.

Fireball is cast regularly and should be interupted asap by any class that can.

Mind Controlled characters can be sheeped, probably the besty way to avoid the problem. It's also possible to use the Infinity Blade with low damage attacks such as hamstring to dispel Mind Control.

Flamestrike needs to be avoided, you will notice a glow on the ground vaguely similar to Consecration, move well away fromt his when you see it (You have around 3 seconds)

Every 30-40 seconds Kael'thas will summon a Phoenix. The Effect for this is the same as flamestrike but much shorter.

Phoenix handling

When the Phoenix spawns you can either kite it with a ranged damage dealer, or simply have your fire resist tank keep control of it. The Phoenix continually casts a hellfire ability which damages itself for around 5% of its health, as well as damaging everybody around it for around 3.5k fire damage per second, This means it will stay alive for 20 seconds before killing itself. When the Phoenix dies it will cast a knockback ability and then turn into a Phoenix egg. This egg has around 70k Health and must be destroyed very quickly. IF you dont take teh egg down within 15 seconds it will spawn a new Phoenix.


Every 60 seconds Kael'thas casts a the sequence of Shock Barrier, three Pyroblasts and an Arcane Disruption.

Even with all the possible mitigations in effect, Pyroblast damage can be up to 23k fire damage. Tanks with the Phaseshift Bulwark can use it to absorb one Pyroblast. If the damage dealers are up to it, the best course of action is to burn down the shield fast enough to interrupt the second pyroblast. If you cant make this a tink with around 20k Health can just about live through one pyroblast if it has the Infernal Protection buff from the Cosmic Infuser, a Fire Protection Potion or Nightmare Seed and PW:Shield). If your raid group keeps failing to get th shield down before the second Pyroblast it is likely your group is not up to kael.

Event Cycle

In summary, there's a 60 second rotation which takes place over the entire phase:

[0sec]->[20sec](MC + Arcane Disruption)->[40sec](Phoenix + MC + Arcane Disruption)->[60sec](Shock Barrier + 3 Pyroblasts + Arcane Disruption).

Flamestrike happens at random times through the phase.

Phase 5

When Kael'Thas Reaches 50% health phase 5 will start. At this point a small cutscene will begin, when this occurs you should defeat the remaining phoenixs.

In Phase 5 he stops using Mind Control and Pyroblast, instead he casts a random selection of Gravity Lapse, Nether Vapor and Nether Beam. Gravity Lapse teleports the entire raid to Kael'thas' position and up in the air from there. In order to avoid the Nether Vapor debuff and Nether Beam chaining, the raid must immediately move away from Kael'Thas and Spread Out to avoid taking extreme damage. Near the end of the 30 sec duration, people should try to keep close to the ground to minimize falling damage, but must not get too low, else they take damage and get launched back up high in the air.

Kael'thas has a permanant Shock Barrier up during a Gravity Lapse and the phoenixes evade, making any attempt to cause damage futile.

When Gravity Lapse ends the tank must be given time to regain agro, so it may help if the DPS go after any remaining phoenixs rather than return straight to the boss.

Mages should also counterspell the first fireball after gravity Lapse!

If you manage all this, Congratulations! You have defeated one of the toughest bosses before the Black Temple.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Heroics - Should they Cover Old World Instances?

I got to thinking yesterday as I boosted a friend through SM cath how much I miss the old world invoices. Scarlet Monestary is one of my old world favorites, loads of variety, some pretty funky bosses. It's a shame therefore that I have no characters around that level to play in it. Sure I could hop onto my 70 and walk through it, but wheres the fun in that?

This made my mind wander onto all the other instances I don't play quite so much anymore, what would a Heroic Deadmines be like? or Maybe Gnomeregan with a Zul'Aman style gauntlet down that rather annoying spiral part?

There are infact a whole host of invoices that I used to love, none of which I can play anymore. But how fantastic would it be to go through the old instances as a level 70? I mean stockades would finally make sense, those level 18 prisoners who cannot be subdued by level 70 elite guards.

I really would like al the old game content to be revamped for a heroic type though, I miss all the old instances, making them heroic would pretty much open up a whole new world of gameplay in WoW, which is becoming more and more monotenous with the daily quests.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Jan'alai Boss Guide - Zul'Aman Walkthrough

Jan'alai (The DragonHawk ZA Boss) is one of the harder of the first four bosses in Zul'Aman. To kill this boss you first however have to get through the Jan'alai Gauntlet in ZA. This is similar to the first Zul'Aman gauntlet however on this one you have to contend with Amani'shi Scouts, these will head towards drums and spawn two Amani'shi Reinforcements every time he pounds the drum. The only real trick to this gauntlet is to keep moving and to take down the Scouts as soon as possible! Warriors charge and rogues stunning skills are incredibly useful here. As you progress you will meet Amani'shi Flame Casters and Amani'Shi Guardians, both of which can be Crowd Controlled. You will also find Beast Tamers and Dragon Hawks, the beast tamers are CC'able and the dragon hawks can be removed with a good paired AoE.

Jan'alai is a pretty tough boss and has several tricks you need to watch out for. He stands at around 960,000 hp, so you should get some fairly decent DPS in on the fight. Jan'Alai will also spawn two Egg Hatchers who must be handled correctly throughout the fight. There is a lot of fire damage throughout the site so it may help if you stack a few pieces of Fire Resistance Gear.

  • Flame Breath: A cone of firetargetted on a random player that has long range but a narrow width, this hits for around 4-5k on people in a line and Damages these people insanely fast. You can minimize damage from this by spreading out around the boss.
  • Fire Bombs: He will teleport the entire raid outside the inner square to him (Since Patch 2.4, prior to this the entire raid was teleported), and spawn "flame walls" on the outer ring of his area preventing you from passing. After this he begins spawning bombs on a timer randomly around him. After approximately 10 seconds they will blow up dealing upto 5k damage in a 5 yard radius, Raid members must move to a safe spot away from the bombs. Their is no timer on this ability and he will use it randomly
  • Summon Amani'shi Hatcher: Every 90 seconds during the fight Jan'alai will summon two Amani'shi Hatchers which run to either side, unless the amount of eggs is significantly uneven. These will begin hatching eggs into Amani Dragonhawks at an accelerated rate: starting with one and incrementing by 1 spawn each time, 1,2,3,4, so letting him hatch 4 times will spawn 1+2+3+4=10 adds and destroy 10 eggs. After spawning all the eggs on one side, the Amani'shi Hatcher will move to the other side and spawn that side as well if he is not killed.
  • Spawn all remaining eggs: At 35% health all the remaining eggs will spawn. For this reason you need to let the Amani'shi Hatchers release a few eggs each time to prevent your raid group getting wiped by an obscene number of hatchlings!
  • Enrage: Triggered after 5 minutes of combat or hitting 25% health. Increases melee damage and attack speed by 50%.
  • Berserk: Triggered after 10 minutes of combat. Significantly increases his damage, and will very quickly wipe the raid.
The Amani Dragonhawk Hatchlings

The Amani'shi Dragonhawk Hatchlings deal melee damage so should be tanked by a high armour class. They can be trapped, feared, frozen, and killed using AOE attacks if required They will also cast Flame Buffet a debuff that increase fire damage taken by 2% , this will stack continuously with no limit but CAN and MUST be dispelled.

First off - Dealing with the hatchers.

The Hatchers must be allowed to release some eggs. Most raid groups let both release 2-3 eggs before nuking down one, and then letting the other release a further 2-3 eggs before killing him. Others however prefer to kill one Hatcher instantly and let the other release as many hatchlings as possible that an offtank can handle.

There are two common raid wiping occurrences that can happen on this boss. The First is Jan'Alais Flame Breath, this is easily avoided by keeping your raid group spread out.

The Second is Fire Bombs. These can be hard to avoid sometimes so require your raids full concentration, there is a safe zone that the raid (Minus tank) can move to in the northwest of your map, but your raid group must be prepared to move as soon as the bombs go off or they will be devastated by Flame Breath.

Apart from these skills though this boss is a fairly straightforward Tank and Spank, if you have a mishap during the fight your raid group can (And should) move down the stairs to reset the boss. When the boss resets he will disappear for around 30 seconds so you can get some members ressed, if you run out of time you can pull him down the stairs for an additional 30 secs of resurrection time!.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Patch 2.4.2 Class Changes (PTR)

Well the new public test realms are out for world of warcraft with Patch 2.4.2 and we have already seen some pretty random class changes going on. There doesn't seem to be anything major or raid breaking just yet but we ought to keep an eye out!

Ontop of the class changes it seems mages will be able to portal/teleport to Theramore or Stonard depending on their allegiance, something that should cut a fair bit of travelling time for them! and Mount speed increase items will become Mount Enchantments, so goodby stacked Carrot on a Stick and Riding Crop :(

The Class changes in PTR Patch 2.4.2 are -


  • Talent: Primal Fury (Rank 2) will now be properly unlearned when it is untalented.
  • Talent: (Restoration)- Natural Perfection will no longer proc by normal melee attacks.

  • Aspect of the Viper: This ability now grants an additional amount of mana each 5 seconds equal to 35% of the hunter’s level.
  • Boar Charge: This ability will no longer make Growl cast immediately after it generates excessive threat.
  • The pet ability Growl will no longer scale with pet Attack Power.
  • Dire Ravens in Blade’s Edge Mountains now tameable.
  • Scare Beast: The range on this spell has been increased to 30 yards and it is now instant cast.
  • Tamed Drywallow Snappers now will know Bite 5 (instead of Claw 5.)

  • Talent: Improved Blink (Arcane) now reduces chance to be hit by 13/25% and the duration of Rank 1 has been increased to 4 seconds.
  • Completing the quest “Arcane Refreshment” will now properly teach the spell Conjure Water (Rank 7).
  • Polymorph: Mounted creatures will no longer remain mounted while polymorphed.
  • Mage Armor no longer reduces the duration of beneficial magic buffs.
  • Molten Armor will now do damage while a damage absorption shield is active.

  • Flash of Light and Holy Light will now work properly with castsequence macros.
  • Seal of the Crusader: This ability now increases the damage dealt by Crusader Strike by 40%.
  • Crusader Strike (Retribution) will now properly receive a damage increase from Seal of The Crusader.
  • Talent: Precision (Ranks 1-3) will no longer improperly display daggers and staves as a weapon class in the tooltip.
  • Paladins that already have Apprentice Riding skill can now properly learn Summon Warhorse from the trainer.

  • Fear Ward will no longer be consumed while under the effects of cyclone.
  • Mana Burn: This spell can no longer trigger effects that require the target to be struck with a critical hit.
  • Power Word:Shield now has the correct sound associated with it and can no longer be heard from large distances.
  • Talent: Power Infusion will now consume the correct amount of mana when cast on yourself.

  • Ability: Blade Flurry: This ability can no longer hit critters as its secondary targets and will now use a proper range calculation for all secondary targets.
  • Talent: Mutilate (Assassination) will no longer incorrectly appear multiple times in the combat log when used.

  • Ability: Frostbrand Weapon: Rank 6 damage has been increased very slightly.

  • Drain Soul: Channeling of this spell will now always stop when a player target dies.
  • Pets: Using a sacrifice effect to kill your own pet will no longer trigger effects that should only occur when killing an enemy.

  • Sweeping Strikes: This ability can no longer hit critters as its secondary targets and will now use a proper range calculation for all secondary targets.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Al'ar Evade Bug in Tempest Keep

Most guilds have been here, you are doing a run of Tempest Keep, you get Al'ar past phase one and are dealing with the second stage magnificently. Then the unthinkable happens. It has happened to me, and chances are if you are reading this its happened to you. Al'ar evades, resets and laughs at you from above.

This evade bug has stretched already strained tensions to breaking point in a few guilds, especially those that have just entered TK and are on their first attempts at the big bird. We were 17% off downing him for the first time with a full raid still alive and at high health when it happened to us.

So why does Al'ar evade?

The usual cause of Al'ar evading is when he is in his second phase and casts Dive Bomb. If he dive Bombs anyone on the platforms or near the doorway there is a very high likelihood that Al'ar will glitch and act as though he left the room.

This is not only irritating because of the fight resetting, but also because one of the major glitch points (the door) is also one of the few real landmarks you can use as a raid regrouping point.

But whatever you choose to do it's best to avoid the possible bugging points, fight in the central area of the room and have fun downing Al'ar!

The Actual Magtheridon Changes in Patch 2.4

There has been a lot of confusion with people going to Magtheridon's Lair in Patch 2.4 and expecting the 3 cubes that were active in the public test realms. I thought I best clear things up here. A lot of writers talking about the Patch 2.4 notes based their research on the Public Test Realms. In the Public Test Realms (PTRs) prior to patch 2.4 Magtheridon Only had 3 cube clicking boxes, this was expected to be the major nerf Blizzard were talking about.

However when the live version of patch 2.4 was released we soon discovered that Magtheridon was back to 5 boxes and had been nerfed in other areas.

For instance, the infernals now spawn less frequently, the channelers are easier to take down and their is no debuff when you click a box, making rotations significantly easier.

For a Full Rundown of the actual Magtheridon's 2.4 Patch Changes (Not PTR notes) Click Here

Monday, 21 April 2008

Tempest Keep Al'ar Guide

Al'ar is tehnically the first boss of tempest keep, though groups new to TK may skip him and go to the relatively easier Vod Reaver and Solarian first.

Al'ar is basically a large pheonix pet of Kael'Thas Sunstrider, and it's a pet that drops some pretty nice loot!

But down to the nitty gritty, Al'ar stands at 2,800,000 health and hasa couple of tages you need to watch out for. Al'ar also has several attacks that can devestate a raid,

Phase 1

  • Flame Quills: Al'ar will fly to the center of the room instead of moving to a new platform occasionally. Al'ar will then launch Flame Quills that hit anyone on the platforms or the outer part of the ramps. Deals around 8k Fire damage a second, for around five seconds.
  • Ember Blast: Explodes upon his first death, knocking back any raid member within 15 yards. This hits for about 10k fire damage, and upto 1k fall damage. WHen this is cast it signals phase 2

Phase 2

  • Rebirth: deals around 5k fire damage to any raid member within melee range, with a knockback across the room. This occurs several seconds after a Dive Bomb. He will spawn in the same location where the Dive Bomb hit. Al'ar will also use this ability at the start of Phase 2, when he respawns in the middle of the room.
  • Dive Bomb: Al'ar flies up, and targets a random player. Al'ar then dives into the ground at that location. This hits for around 5k fire damage, and spawns two Ember of Al'ar adds. Al'ar will then cast Rebirth at the same spot. 30 second cooldown.
  • Flame Patch: Tragets an area around a random player, deals 3k fire damage per tick.
  • Melt Armour: Target's armor is decreased by 80% for 60 seconds, another tank must taunt immediately after this is cast.
  • Enrage: Al'ar enrages 10 minutes after the start of phase 2, wiping the raid very quickly.

Ember of Al'ar

  • 70,000 health.
  • Hits for 1500 melee damage.
  • One spawns after each position change in Phase 1, two more spawn after each Dive Bomb in Phase 2.
  • Each time one is destroyed, Al'ar's health is drained by 3% of max health in phase 2.
  • Ember Blast: Explodes upon death, knocking back any player in range (~15 yards). Deals ~7k fire damage, and an additional ~1k fall damage.

These can be stunned but are immune to any other types of Crowd Control.


Despite the large amount of fire damage in this fight it is generally recommended that Fire resistance is not stacked unless you are a tank. As much damage as possible should be self healed in this fight so stock up on bandages and potions. Greater Fire Protection Potions are pretty useful in this fight!


Phase 1

When the fight first begins Al'ar will always fly to platform on the far left, A tank should be ready and waiting to avoid flame buffet. During the entirety of phase one Ranged should be stood on the ground firing upwards, it is impossible for ranged to pull agro at this point of the fight. Melee can draw agro so must be careful to avoid pulling Al'ar as they will most likely be out of LoS. Tanks should stand on the very edge of the platform so healers can reach them, if they move too far into the platform they may lose line of sight.

In theory you should have five tanks on this boss though it is doable with three, one tank is required to handle the Embers of Al'ar, the other two should take each side of the platform, if you have an extra two tanks thy should cover the middle platforms. Flame Quills does cause some problems hear and can be avoided by jumping off the platforms. While it has been said that you can avoid it by moving against the walls on the ramps you can miss this as well, but with an 8k damage a tic debuff hitting up there My guild has never risked doing this. In the meantime whenever Al'ar starts spinning anyone left on the platform should jump down immediately and run back up. It is imperative your tanks return to their places immediately or your entire raid will start taking damage from Flame Buffet.

Once Al'ar has been on the first platform for 30 seconds he wil move onto the next one clockwise, he will repeat this pattern until a flame quill effect takes place..

Everytime Al'ar eaves a platform an Ember of Al'ar will spawn, these tend to go to the healers but a tank standing at the bottom of the two ramps can easily pick up any flying down. Since Melee are fairly ineffective on the boss they should help with the adds, a rogues stun is usefull around 3-4% health on these as it gives dps time to move out before the add explodes (This does mean one has to stay behind to finish it off, Paladins or Rogues cloak of shadows is good here.

If Al'ar casts Flame Quills he will return to either platform one or four. If your raid group does not have enough tanks for every platform you can have a tank waiting at the bottom of the platform ready to run up as soon as the flame quills ends.

Phase 2

A well proven tactic in phase two is to save Al'ars adds. Each time one of these is killed in phase two it removes 3% of Al'ars health. During phase one you can reduce an adds health down to ~5 % and in phase two a warlock can cast Seed of Corruption plus a couple of dots. When the explosions start chances are the tank holding the adds will die, unless they have a paladins bubble handy.

Phase 2 occurs when Al'ar reaches 0% health for the first time. When Al'ar hits 0% health it will explode for a large amount of fire damage and will reappear at the centre of the room casting a massive knock back effect. Flame Buffet is till in effect in phase two so a tank must pick Al'ar up immediately.

When phase two hits Ranged dps are better suited to the adds and melee on the boss, this helps when scattering to avoid meteor.

While on the ground Al'ar will spawn random flame patches on the ground. Players should move away from these asap, although since flame patches are targetted on a player they can be Spell Reflected.

Al'ar will occasionally charge, tanks should follow Al'ar when this happens, since he does not always return afterwards and can begin casting flame buffet. During this time Alar will cast a Melt Armour debuff on hte Tank lowering his armour by 60%, when this happens he should cease threat generation and another tank should take over.

When in the air Al'ar will cast Dive Bomb (Formerly Meteor) that will hit for around 5k on a target and people surrounding him. When this happens move away asap, he will return in teh same area with a hefty knockback spell. When this occurs we will spawn two more Embers of Al'ar on the ground he hit, tanks shouldbe ready to pick these up!

During this fight all players should stay off the ramps platforms and near the door as Al'ar has been known to bug and evade when dive bombing these locations, resetting him.

If you are a warrior jump into a flame patch and cast spell reflection. (This may have changed in Patch 2.4, Can any readers verify this??)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tales of Adventure in WoW

I have recently decided to take a bit of a break between writing my more serious posts by writing an in theme comedic journal of my wanderings around azeroth and the outlands. Bear with me as I am new to writing in my style but please take a look and comment at

I would am grateful for any support while I try to get in teh swing of writing this!

For those unsure, here is a quick excert,

"Todaye I also sawe a Warloke, whom I tolde to reforme his ways. He introduced me too hys fiende Shara, she yst prettey as a royale princesse, I shalle proposee to wedd her todaye,"


"Myne blessed princesse hath a whip ofe most acute payne. Indeed myne flighte hast never been so hastily runne as myne mistress tooke too thy aire on great leathern wings. I do notte hath a clue as too howe I missed those great thynges.

Fromm thys day forthe aye shalle seeke women from myne realme onley."

Monday, 14 April 2008

Tempest Keep - High Astromance Solarian Tactics Guide

High Astromancer Solarian is usually the second boss taken down in Tempest Keep. This walkthrough will show you the tactics to help you down Solarian in no time!

Dispite Al'ar being the first boss seen in Tempest Keep (TK) Many groups have great difficulty taken down Al'ar so go for either Void Reaver or Solarian due to their relative ease.

Solarian has around 2,800,000 and has several abilities you must watch out for.

  • Wrath of the Astromancer: Turns a random raid member into a Bomb that hits for around 6k damage after 6 seconds, before it explodes the effected player will deal AoE damage to the raid. When the AoE hits everyone effected is thrown into the air and takes 90% fall damage. It is pretty much gaurenteed everyone effected by this will die. The person who was effected by the bomb will land unscathed from fall damage.
  • Arcane Missiles: Hits 3 times for 3k damage on a random raid member.
  • Blinding Light: 2.5k AoE arcane damage to the entire raid. Has a 20 second cooldown.
  • Every 50 seconds Solarian will disappear and three beams of light will appear. summoning around 12 - 15 non elite adds, after these fade Solarian will re-appear with two priest adds.
The adds have the following attributes,

Non elite Adds (Agents):

  • 30.000 Health
  • 1500 damage on cloth

Elite Adds (Priests):

  • 80,000 Health
  • 300 damage on cloth

When setting up your raid group it helps to have some arcane resistance, but do not nerf yourself. The Violet Badge from a karazhan quest chain is incredibly useful here. Due to the large number of adds a Paladin tank is especially useful here and all raid members should group around him when the adds appear.

Phase One.

The raid should be split into two groups, melee and ranged. Each group should have a leader and back up leader marked by a symbol. All members of each group must gather around their relevant leader. This ensures that when anybody gets the bomb debuff they can move out of the way of everyone else ASAP.

The bomb is the raid breaker in this fight, who ever has it will have large purple flairs emminating from his body. They must move out of the way of your raid as soon as physically possible to reduce raid damage. Everyone hitby this will get thrown into the air and will take around 90% fall damage apart from the person with the bomb debuff (they will land unscathed). Anyone who gets hit by this will most likely die.

The second thing that needs to be watched out for is Arcane Missiles, these hit for 9k damage in quick succession, all but the main tank healer need to keep an eye out for this and throw some quick heals on, flash heal and flash of light are perfect for this.

Phase 2

When phase 2 hits Solarian will disappear and three beams of light will appear. From these between 12 and 15 non elites will spawn, these hit for 1.5k damage so must be tank controlled. This can be done by tank rotation on AoE agro but it is much more effective if you have a paladin Tank. When this occurs to avoid problems both groups must group together, if this doesnt happen then the adds will go after random players and it is very likely they will die. After 15 Seconds Solarian will respawn along with two priests. The priests must be stunlocked and interrupted, otherwise they will heal both Solarian and Themselves. All DPS should nuke these down as soon as they can.

The first two phases will rotate several times.

Phase 3

Phase three turns into a simple tank and spank. When Solarian hits 20% health she will turn into a voidwalker. This will significantly increase her armour and her previous attacks will cease. She now has an arcane bolt attack and a fear spell. The fear should be avoided with spells such as fear ward or stance dancing, failure to do so can result in Solarian attacking DPS.

Manage to handle all this and you have managed to down Solarian, i hope this walkthrough helped, and even more so that the guide led you to success!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Tempest Keep - Void Reaver (Loot Reaver)

For many guilds Tempest Keep and Serpent Shrine Cavern are their ultimate goals. Tempest Keep tends to be easier for most who are new to 25 man content, but only on certain bosses.

Although Al'ar is meant to be the first boss in Tempest Keep he is fairly difficult, for this reason many guilds new to the instance may find themselves heading to Void Reaver, otherwise known as Loot Reaver due to how easily he is downed and the pretty damn nice loot he drops.

So onto what you need to know about the Void Reaver, his health stands at around 4,750,000 and life and mana drain effects will not work on him. The fight only has two main points, one part for ranged and one for tanks. Ranged must look out for Arcane Orbs, Tanks must be aware of KNock Away, a threat reduction ability. To deal with knock away you will need three, but preferably four tanks in your group. But back on point, here are his skills in a bit more detail!

  • Pounding: An 18 yard AoE around the Void Reaver that lasts for 3 seconds and hits for around 1k to 2.3k arcane damage per second, This can be resisted and isfor no more than three seconds.
  • Arcane Orb: A ranged AoE with a 6 second silence effect that hits for around 6k Damage to a player. This has a 3 second cooldown and will be fired towards a random player, it moves pretty slow and can be avoided, or rather, must be avoided as they can do a lot of damage. This will only be fired at raid members outside the 18 yard range of Pounding.
  • Knock Away: A Single target push back ability that is used on the tank with the highest threat and reduces the players aggro significantly. It has a 20 sec cooldown and can be missed, parried or dodged to avoid the threat reduction debuff.
Due to Voidreaver being a fairly simple boss the tactics are likewise very easy. As previously noted you should have four tanks keeping agro on the boss, he is untaunatble so keeping your threat up is a priority if you are tanking Void Reaver. the Melee and tanks should all be placed in the same groups so AoE heals have full effect. These should be used liberally to counteract Pounding. Circle of Healing and Chain Heal are ideal for this.

For ranged players everyone should spread out ina circle at maximum range from Void Reaver. When he casts an arcane orb towards you it is imperative that you move out of the way as soon as possible. It may help to assign your healers locations around the room, this should prevent anyone leaving healing range.

Agro Management is the absolute key to this fight, A sharp eye is needed on your threat meter as tanks all too often dip below the top DPSers on this boss, and chances are that will wipe your raid group!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Addons - Gazmik Fizzwidget's Adspace

For those of you who have spent a look at addons you will no doubt have come across some of Fizzwidget's wares. A lot of his addons are aimed towards professions or hunters, however one of his addons shines out to me above all others.

Adspace is laughably simple but ingeniously brilliant.

We have all been there, we goto the auction house, there is a white recipe you want going for 15g. You know that somewhere it will be on a vendor, but finding ouch which one is a royal pain in the behind.

Adspace however comes to the rescue quite neatly. on the end of any recipe/pattern/etc tooltip it adds another couple of lines describing vendor locations for your faction (Alliance or Horde). So if you are in the Auction House and you hover over a recipe instead of wasting your hard earned gold you now have something telling you it is infact only a flight path away.

I know this isnt a game changing addon, it wont help you in a raid and it wont help you kill anyone else. It could however save you 10 minutes of tabbing and searching the internet every so often, and it could save you wasting your gold on items you could have bought significantly cheaper at a vendor!

Zul'Aman - Akil'zon Guide & Tips

Akil'zon is the second boss you should reach in Zul'Aman, especially if you are attempting the timed event. To reach Akil'zon you must first run the gauntlet, which requires you to run up the hill defeating the mass of mobs in your way. To complete this it is best to have a paladin tank up front and another tank behind your group. Two AoErs are advised for this and keep your DPS on their toes when looking for the elites that will come towards you.

Akil'zon himself is the Eagle formed boss of Zul'aman (ZA) and will call forth the powers of the birds and the air against you, the birds he calls are a nightmare to control, but they can fortunately be taken down with relative easy by affliction locks, hunters or shamans. The electrical storms are what will really get you!

But down to business, Akil'zon is regarded as one of ZA's easiest bosses if your raid is on their toes. He sits at a rather meagre 660,000 health but does have high armour, mitigating physical damage and making it preferable to keep warlocks as boss dps and hunters on bird control. He has a fair number of spells at his disposal and it is essential you know these and how to avoid them as much as possible.

Summon Amani Eagle - Summons Soaring Eagles which hit for around 1.5k damage with their Eagle Swoop attack. They can only be hit by ranged DPS.
Static Disruption - Deals 3.5k damage to Akil'zon's target and those arouns it. Also debuffs players, increasing nature damage taken by 25% for 20 seconds.
Call Lightning - Deals around 3.5k - 4.5k nature damage to the target.
Gust of Wind - Throws a player up into the air, the player will lose around 50% health when they hit the ground. For this reason it is important to keep players above 50% hp at all times"
Electrical Storm - Channeled spell that raises a player into the air and forms a cloud around him. Anyonenot underneath the palyer will receive an increasing amount of nature damage, first hit for aroun 1k, second 2k, third 3k and so forth. This lasts for around 7 or 8 seconds.
Enrage - He will enrage after 8 minutes increasing damage dealt by 50%, this will meana wipe.


Positioning is key for the Akil'zon fight, spread out to avoid the AoE from static disruption. Melee should all strive to stay as far as possible away from each other, this is hard to do in such a mall space but hte further you get the less jumps the spell will make!

The main reason for wiping in this fight is electrical storm. During this spell a player will be lifted into the air and electricity will fire out and damage all players not directly underneath him. To achieve this all players should gather at Akil'zon (So melee DPS cans till attack) approximately 7 seconds before the storm starts, addons such as deadly boss mods are useful for predicting when the storm will happen. Even then a raid leader should shout out for everyone to group up at the boss, since one person not moving can wipe the raid!

You should wait till 7 seconds before hand to avoid Static Disruption causing mass damage to your raid group. The only problem with this is that the timer used by addons like deadly boss mods only times the cooldown, Akil'zon may cast this any time after the cooldown has finished. For this reason your healers must be on the ball incase he casts a static discharge before electrical storm.

After the first Electrical Storm is first cast Akil'zon will cast his summon soaring eagles spell. These cannot be attacked by melee classes and will dive about causing around 1.5k damage a hit. While these can be succesfully ignored by a good group I would not recommend it as it can put a huge strain on the healers if too many spawn at once.

Instead warlocks, hunters and shamans should use instant cast spells to take down these pesky feathered fighters. Due to the difficulty of casting a spell while the birds are still in range it is suggested that mages continue to DPS on the boss.

Once you have mastered surviving the Electrical Storm you will have mastered this boss. Good Luck!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Wii Competition!

You heard it here first!

Our friends over at have announced their new competition to win some Wii VC Goodies. The competition is 100% free to enter and you can up your chances five times over by referring some friends!

To Enter all you have to do is sign up and introduce yourself, stay active and you will even automatically be entered into future competitions to win fantastic prizes around once every 3 weeks!

So if you are a Wii fanatic, interested in talking about all teh latest Wii news and games tehn take a look at and check out this brand new Wii games and hardware discussion website!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Void Shatter - One Void Crystal into Large Prismatic Shards.

With the release of Patch 2.4 and Sunwell Isle we saw the release of a new enchanting spell, namely Formula: Void Shatter. The formula for Void Shatter can be picked up on Sunwell Isle and trained at 360, however you also need a Runed Eternium Rod. These babies need 370 enchanting and can cost between 500g to 600g to make, good job Blizzard.

Void Shatter simply turns one void crystal into two Large Prismatic Shards. It has a 24 hour cooldown to prevent the market getting flooded, but it has started to affect the price of both items ingame. Large Prismatics are getting cheaper and void crystals getting mroe expensive. This is kind of a shame since Large prismatics were a great source of income from heroics for me, boosting each heroic run to an easy 70g profit.

I believe the reason Blizzard released this was two fold.

First to balance out the cost of the two items. Large prismatics and void crystals have become massively disproportioned on most servers with Void Crystals selling at upto half the price of Large Prismatic Shards on some servers.

The second reason is most likely the upcoming release of the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion. As with most things they are making items easier to get so that people can be more prepared for the expansion. This has happened to Epic gear with welfare epics, now be prepared for welfare enchants!

Wether this is a good change or not is debatable. I however am in favour of it, I believe enchants currently cost an insane amount, much more than they should do compared to other things. Getting a slight upgrade via an enchant can cost easily double that of a gear upgrade, im not sure why this is!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Magisters' Terrace Guide -Sunwell Isle (MrT or MgT)

The Magisters' Terrace is a brand new 5 man instance that appeared in Patch 2.4. Yes I know this isn't a raid but due to its increased difficulty and in heroic mode Kara equivalent drops I thought I should cover it!

There are four bosses, each of which I have done a write up for,

Selin Fireheart
Priestess Delrissa
Kael'Thas Sunstrider

But not only are there four kick ass bosses (Including Kael'thas from Tempest Keep) but the trash is also insane, and requires good and well played crowd control.

Here is a rundown of the trash in Magisters' Terrace (Known as MrT or MgT depending on your server!)

Mob Normal Heroic Mode
Sunblade Blood Knight Hits hard and can heal with Holy Light. Uses a stealable seal (Seal of Wrath) that adds a large amount of holy damage to each melee and spell. Can be mind controlled, sheeped, seduced or trapped.
Sunblade Mage Guard Casts a stationary Magic Dampening Field that reduce spell damage and healing received by 75% on a player. Also has an AoE stun seun effect and a random Glaive Throw. Can be mind controlled, sheeped, seduced, or trapped.
Sunblade Magister Uses Arcane Nova and Frostbolt. Every spell cast gives them a stacking 10% haste bonus to spellcasting, the haste buff is stealable and dispellable, so if you have a mage wait for this to stack a few times then spellsteal! Immune to Mind Control and Seduce. Can be sheeped.
Sunblade Warlock Repeatedly casts Incinerate and occasionally casts Immolate. Has a stealable fel armor buff that provides 250 spell damage. Mages should steal this as well! Comes with an easily killed Imp pet. Can be mind controlled, sheeped, seduced, or trapped.
Sunblade Physician Their weapons have Inject Poison that puts a DoT on the player for 1.2k-1.4k nature damage to the target every 3 sec for 15 sec. He will also use Prayer of mending. Can be seduced, mind controlled, or sheeped. You must keep this guy crowd controlled as prayer of mending can heal for a lot.
Inject Poson hits for 3k - 3.5k per 3 seconds for 15 seconds.
Wretched Bruiser Low power Melee mob, can be ignored till al one CC'ed mobs are taken down. He has a Fel Infusion spell that increases speed and damage dealt for 10 sec. Also uses Wretched Strike (Mortal Strike like) that reduces healing done to the target
Hit clothies for 2-3k. Dont AoE in Heroic Mode
Wretched Skulker Dual Wield mob. Uses Fel Infusion to increase attack speed and damage for 10 sec. Also uses Wretched Stab to do normal damage plus 150. Hit clothies for around 2-3k. Don't AoE in heroic mode
Wretched Husk Casts Frostbolt and Fireball as well as casting Fel Infusion to increase attack speed and damage for 10 sec.
Sunblade Sentinel Casts fel lightning on all nearby party members which hits for around 1.5k fire damage.
Brightscale Wyrm These come in large packs of between 8-12 before the boss Vexallus. They provide a stacking damage buff called Energy Infusion upon being killed. Each kill gives everyone in the party another 1% to their damage done. These ahve low health so all AoErs get in on this, including priests with holy nova/
Sunblade Keeper He occasionally spawns with the Wyrms and will detonate a mana cell. This causes the Wyrm groups to go into a feeding frenzy and become a single large and difficult to take down group. The person with the highest agro wil usually get banashed, be warned this is often the healer. On top of that he also has Shadow Bolt and Shadow Bolt Volley in his arsenal.

Sister of Torment Will use a seduce called Deadly Embrace, on random targets as well as Lash of Pain. Can be enslaved or banished, and is susceptible to a Paladin's Turn Evil.
Ethereum Smuggler Will occasionally teleport to a random target and spam a lot of Arcane Explosion very quickly. Can be sheeped, trapped and Mind Controled.
Coilskar Witch Attacks with a bow and has the spells and effects Forked Lightning, Frost Arrow, and Mana Shield. Can be mind controlled, sapped and seduced.

As with all trash pulls of this type you must crowd control or nuke down the healers asap. At the start of the instance you will see a lot of stationary magic dampening fields, use these to your advantage. A well co-ordinated group can step in these till they hit around 50% health (If they are taking spell damage), then step out so your healers can top you up.

Be careful though, stepping in these reduces reduces damage and healing taken, so your healer must remember not to cast heals while you are in the field (Since teh heal will be reduced by 75% and become very mana inefficient. Doing this reduces your damage taken by spells by 75% and stepping out gives you the opportunity to receive full healing effects. If you are taking damage from a melee class move out of these asap as it has no benefit and massively reduces the healing you take!

Magisters' Terrace Guide - Kael'thas Sunstrider

Kael'thas Sunstrider is originally in Tempest Keep, however at the final boss of the Magisters Terrace you will find Kael'thas Sunstrider alive and well, although with a big green rdiamond stuck in his chest.

So far it is estimated that Kael'thas Sunstrider has around 170,000 Health, but dont let the low amount fool you, this boss is no cakewalk. He has a host of abilities that will decimate your raid if you are not careful!

  • Fireball - Hits for around 2.5k in normal, 6k in heroic mode. Its not resistable but can be interrupted and reflected.
  • Flamestrike - A large circle will appear on the ground, you have 5 seconds to get out of there or you and any other party members inside it will get hit for 5k (9k in heroics)
  • Summon Phoenix - In phase 1 towards a party member, they have a threat meter and can be kited, mages or hunters are good for this. In phase 2 they will stop moving and cast fireballs at party members. They pulse hellfire consistantly meaning a Pheonix can kill itself. When they die they will emit a low radius but high damage explosion with the knockback effect, leaving an egg. This must be destroyed ASAP or another phoenix will hatch!
  • Gravity Lapse - Gravity Lapse is cast in phase two (beginning at 50% health) Gravity lapse does several things, dfirslty it throws you into the air, especially when youg et close to the ground. Secondly it creates a DoT on all raid members for 300hp a second and thirdly he will spawn 3 Arcane Orbs (I hate these things) which do high melee damage. YOu can move during Gravity Lapse in a similar way to swimming.
In Heroic mode he casts two more spells
  • Shock Barrier - Absorbs 10k damage and makes him immune to interrupts. This usually signals the casting of pyro blast so all players must nuke asap to take the shield down and a player with interupt capability must do so ASAP
  • Pyroblast - Around 55k Damage on the current target, usually the tank. Cannot be reflected and can only be interrupted when you get the Shock Barrier down.

To begin with Kael'thas will mostly melee, casting only an occasional fireball. To make things even better these can be interrupted, so anyone with the ability should use it! He will cast Flamestrikes regularly, everyone in your group should however be able to avoid taking damage with ease.

When the phoenix spawns be sure to nuke him down ASAP, especially if you are nearing 50% of Kael'thas's health. If his health nears 50% and the PHoenix is still not dead cease DPS and take him out.

The best way to deal with the pheonix is to kite and nuke with two ranged DPS, the DPS must keep the phoenix away from the main group AND themselves to avoid taking damage on it's death. You will usually have at least 2 spawn during the fight. Make sure you destroy the egg or you will have to deal with an additional respawn!

To gain distance on the phoenix DPSers may find it usefull to jump down from the stage, forcing the phoenix to go down the ramp, this is a great way to gain some extra dps time.

When Kael'thas hits 50% he will cast the first gravity lapse. When this happens you will float freely around and take 300 damage a second for 30 seconds. At the same time he will summon three Arcane Orbs these hit for 2k a time so your party should fly around and avoid these. During Gravity Lapse there is no tanking required so everyone should all out DPS Kael'Thas if they get the opportunity.

After 30 Seconds Kael'thas will end Gravity Lapse due to him becoming 'tired' During this time he takes 50% plus damage and will not attack, so all out DPS him and use all DPS cooldowns. When this ends after another 30 seconds he will get back up and recast gravity lapse. It is possible for several classes to solo this boss after 50%, most notably Affliction warlocks, since Kael'Thas no longer attacks and the adds can be out manouvered.

No player should release spirit while any other player remains alive.

If you are doing this boss in heroic mode the fight is very similar but with one major difference. Shock barrier/pyroblast needs tobe taken down asap. If Kael'Thas casts Shock Barrier you must immediately take down the shield and then cast an interrupt on his Pyroblast or it is nearly gaurenteed you will wipe. The two possible escapes are a paladin bubble and warriors Shield wall/last stand (Sometimes)

Monday, 31 March 2008

Magisters' Terrace Guide - Priestess Delrissa

Priestess Delrissa is the third and arguably the hardest boss in the Magisters' Terrace instance, if not for her actually abilities than her four random gaurdians. The Gaurdians have various abilities and weaknesses, I have made a quick table outlineing these below! This boss is very similar to the Moroes fight, all her adds are however untauntable, be warned!

Name Race and class Notes
Apoko Broken Shaman Drops Totems (Windfury and Fire Nova) Heals, Purges regularly, even removing paladin shields.
Eramas BrightblazeBlood Elf Fury WarriorVery fast melee attacks, can Kick, Ice Trap or be Feared, although hew is Immune to Mind Control and Seduce.
Ellrys DuskhallowBlood Elf WarlockUses Shadow Bolt, Fear, and Seed of Corruption. She has an Imp pet named Fizzle, which can be killed quickly. She can be Polymorphed and Frozen. Immune to Seduce and Mind Control.
GaraxxasSatyr HunterComes with a pet ravager named Sliver. Can use Freezing Trap, banish and Warstomp for Crowd control. He is immune to sheep and cyclone.
Kagani NightstrikeBlood Elf RogueUses Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, and Gouge. Has Crippling Poison on his weapon. Can Vanish and reappear next to a random target. Can be sheeped and cycloned. Immune to Seduce.
YazzaiEthereal MageUses Frostbolt, Frost Nova, Blizzard, and randomly Polymorphs a target. She will also Ice Block. Can be polymorphed. Immune to Seduce.
ZelfanGan'arg EngineerUses Explosive Sheep, frontal flame cone. He can be Banished but is immune to seduce.

The Priestess Delrissa herself has several spells in her arsenall you also need to watch out for

  • Dispell Magic - Dispells two harmful spells from her adds/herelf or two benefitial spells from your party members.
  • Flash Heal - Quickly heasls an ally for 398 - 462
  • Shadow Word: Pain - lasts for 18 seconds, deals 36 shadow damage on normal 48 heroic.
  • Power Word: Shield - Places a shield on an ally, it can absorba round 1500 damage.
  • Renew - Heals an Ally for 430 every 3 seconds for 18 secodns (600 health a second in Heroics)
The key to defeating this boss is crowd control. All adds should be crowd controlled asap with any healers, Priestess Delrissa included, taken down as soon as possible. Spell steal is a great way to get some of Priestess Delrissa's fantastic spells onto your own party!

It is advisable to leave shadow word: pain on your party, that way it automatically removes any CC that may be put on them by the Adds.

Apart from that there is not really much a guide can tell you, this fight is very hectic, very random and requires a lot of independant player skill. If you still find yourself having torouble your players may find it easier if they bring a set of PVP gear for the fight.

Magisters Terrace - Vexallus

Vexallus is the second boss in the Magisters' Terrace. He is an Arcane Elemental and sits at around 131,000 health. Like the majority of bosses this guy is untauntable!

But lets get back to his basic attacks,

  • Melees for around 3k arcane damage in heroic mode.
  • Chain Lightning - Infrequently cast but random and hits for around 2400 Nature damage to first target.
  • Overload (This occurs when Vexallus hits around 10% hp) - A chain cast Arcane Blast AoE dealing 1k damage to all of your party. Increases Arcane damage taken by 10%. Stacks up to 15 times, at which point Vexallus pauses in his attacks, nuke him quick here!.

Vexallus will regularly spawn a pure energy add. These are similar to the adds on Curator but with some basic differences.

  • They have less than 200 health, can be killed by pretty much anything, even healers!
  • Only one at a time will spawn in normal, two in Heroic.
  • Energy Bolt - Deals 2800 to 3200 arcane damage. 20 yard range.
  • Energy Feedback - Placed on the player who kills it. Deals 300 Arcane damage per second. Increases damage dealt by 50% for 30 seconds. layer. This stacks upto 15 times!


The most important thing here is add management, these guys have pitiful health but cause a lot of damage if not instantly killed. The killing of the adds should be spread between the DPS, that way the +Damage buff is used to full effect but the 300 damage per second DoT does not stack so much the healer can no longer handle it.

Since these debuffs and buffs stack rapidly it is imperative that you nuke this boss down as fast as possible or the healer will find it impossible to keep the group alive. Some people prefer to keep their DPS cool downs on hold till they have several stacks of the + Damage buff so they are used to full effect. Another (Rarely used) tactic is to swap the DPS hitting the adds in rotation so one can lose the DoT buff. This should only be used if you have very low DPS however as it is very hard to implement correctly and drags the fight out intolerably.

All Damage caused by Vexallus and his adds is Arcane, so Arcane resist gear can really help in this fight. This does not however reduce damage taken from the Feedback DoT, so it is important you do not gimp your groups DPS or Healing.

Before Vexallus hits 10% hp make sure you have killed all the Adds, since at this point you will receive a debuff increasing arcane damage taken, greatly increasing the attacking power of the Pure Energy Adds!

Tips and Tricks

Mages can iceblock and rogues can Cloak of Shadows out of the DoT, this should be used if the healer is having trouble keeping up with the damage being dealt.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Magisters Terrace - Selin Fireheart

Selin Fireheart is the first boss of the brand new (As of patch 2.4) instance Magisters Terrace, on Sunwell Isle (Isle of Quel'Danas). He is fairly easy to take down but does some massive AoE spells which if unattended can easily take down a raid.

But as always, back to basics

  • Selin Fireheart has around 164000 health
  • He Syphons mana from crystals till he gains full mana, this also increases the damage dealt so crystals must be destroyed ASAP.
  • He casts fel explosion every second until he runs out of mana, this spell HURTS towards the end of the fight.
  • Drain Life - Drains life froma random party member, can be dispelled.
  • Drain Mana - In heroic mode only he will cast a drain mana spell, can also be dispelled.
The Tactics for this boss are laughably simple, as soon as he starts draining the crystal put all DPS on the crystal itself, this will minimise his damage increase and the number of AoE spells he can do. Apart from that its a very simple tank and spank, enjoy!

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Zul'Aman - Nalorakk (The Bear Boss)

Nalorakk is Zul'Aman's first boss (Although you can switch orders if you wish). Nalorakk has bene imbued with the spirit of the bear and will periodically change into this form during the fight, bringing in a host of different effects.

Nalorakk has around 800,000 health in and out of bear form. THis migh tnot seem like much hp, but don't be fooled this boss can be difficult!

The best part about this boss is that despite the fight taking a long time it is simple tank and spank, the only difference is tank rotation (Different tank for each form) and the fact that this fight is rather healing intensive.

But back to basics,

As previously stated, Nalorakk has 800,000 hp, does not perform crushing blows, IS tauntable and will enrage after 10 minutes, so kill him quick people

His different abilities in their respective forms are,

Nalorakk in Troll Form

  • Mangle: All bleed effects cause 100% additional damage
  • Surge: Charge ability, hits plate for about 1.5k hp, hits cloth for around 3k - 3.5k hpBrutal Swipe: A cleave ability that does 11-14k damage on plate (~30k unmitigated); can be divided evenly between two targets. It has a short range so the two tanks should stay pretty much on top of one another.
Nalorakk in Bear Form
  • Lacerating Slash: Bleeding for 1735 damage every 2 sec. (18 sec duration)
  • Rend Flesh: Bleeding for 2335 damage every 1 sec. (5 sec duration)
  • Deafening Roar: Deals 1235 to 1365 physical damage and silences enemies for 2 sec. MAke sure you have a lot of HoTs up for this!

Nalorakk is a fairly simple boss, especially considering some of the other ZA boss skills. The main things to worry about here are your tanks keeping in position and agroing, and your healers keeping the tanks fully topped up and with active HoTs on.

Your Tanks need to arrange which phase they will take, one for bear phase and one for troll. One tank alone cannot handle both the mangle and the bleed effects. Therefore it is important that as soon as Nalorakk switches forms the correct tank uses taunt and build up agro to the right level, the other tank should back off until the active tank has enough threat to keep agro after taunt fades. Both tanks should stand ontop of one another at all times to split the damage from the cleave abilities evenly. If just one tank gets hit he will most likely be one shotted.

Yes, Threat meters are most definately a necessity by this point, especially since your tanks ar unlikely to be able to use their full threat gain capabilities.

Healers, remember to keep HoTs up with at least 5 seconds left on them at all times, restoration druids are invaluable here, for their HoTs and inneverate. When you leave the silence oafter two seconds instantly throw your quickest heal on the tanks untill they regain full health.

All DPS must be very careful not to over agro on this fight.

Killing Nalorakk will extend the ZA timer event by 15 minutes,it is well worth taking this guy down first.

Zul'Aman - Timed Event

The Zul'Aman Timed event is a bonus to the regular boss loots.

The timed event in ZA first starts when you talk to Harrison Jones, who suffers a rather unfortunate fate when the gates first open. When the event starts you have twenty minutes, this extends to 45 with the time bonuses from the first two bosses. Killing Nolorakk the Bear boss will grant you 15 extra minutes and Akil'zon the Eagle boss will grant you an extra ten. The other bosses will not grant any extra time.

After killing each boss (Not engaging, you must kill before the timer runs down) a chest weill appear by him, you get different loot in each one.

  • First chest gives a random piece of armor (iLvl 128).
  • Second chest gives a random weapon (iLvl 132).
  • Third chest gives a random ring (iLvl 141).
  • Fourth Chest gives the Amani War Bear, an awsome rare mount!

You need to clear trash incredibly quickly to complete the full timed event, and will probably be unable to do this without Black Temple Gear. You must chain pull throughout the entire instance, this means healers must constantly rotate and takea good supply of Super Mana Potions.

Do not free the prisoners untill after the event, they do not despawn and can be freed later.

The recommended boss order for this strategy is Eagle -> Bear -> Dragonhawk -> Lynx. This order is quqite simply the most time efficient and effective. You can mount up in this instance and it should be done to save time!

To complete this in time all players must know what to do and be able to do it well, DPS must be very high and tanks and healers need to be very well geared and organised.