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Monday, 10 November 2008

Guardian Spirit - My First Take

So I have jumped back into WoW and found a whole new host of spells at my disposal, most notably I found Guardian Spirit at the top of my talent tree, and dear god it kicks ass!

Guardain spirit is a healing spell which for 10 seconds ups the targetted players healing received by 40%!

But here is the clincher, the thing that made me oh so goddamn grateful I chose priest as my healing class. If the player reaches 0% haelth with this active he will be restored to 50% life, thi slittle thing is absolutely fantastic for any wow raid where you find yourself struggling to keep the tank up!

Of course my healing is still sub par after a break of nearly 6 months, I have been doing a few BGs to try and get some healing practice in, but of course I am now getting completely owned by all the arena geared players!

If anyone wants to run a few easy 70 instances on trollbane (EU) pass me a comment and we will get it sorted!

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