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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Jan'alai Boss Guide - Zul'Aman Walkthrough

Jan'alai (The DragonHawk ZA Boss) is one of the harder of the first four bosses in Zul'Aman. To kill this boss you first however have to get through the Jan'alai Gauntlet in ZA. This is similar to the first Zul'Aman gauntlet however on this one you have to contend with Amani'shi Scouts, these will head towards drums and spawn two Amani'shi Reinforcements every time he pounds the drum. The only real trick to this gauntlet is to keep moving and to take down the Scouts as soon as possible! Warriors charge and rogues stunning skills are incredibly useful here. As you progress you will meet Amani'shi Flame Casters and Amani'Shi Guardians, both of which can be Crowd Controlled. You will also find Beast Tamers and Dragon Hawks, the beast tamers are CC'able and the dragon hawks can be removed with a good paired AoE.

Jan'alai is a pretty tough boss and has several tricks you need to watch out for. He stands at around 960,000 hp, so you should get some fairly decent DPS in on the fight. Jan'Alai will also spawn two Egg Hatchers who must be handled correctly throughout the fight. There is a lot of fire damage throughout the site so it may help if you stack a few pieces of Fire Resistance Gear.

  • Flame Breath: A cone of firetargetted on a random player that has long range but a narrow width, this hits for around 4-5k on people in a line and Damages these people insanely fast. You can minimize damage from this by spreading out around the boss.
  • Fire Bombs: He will teleport the entire raid outside the inner square to him (Since Patch 2.4, prior to this the entire raid was teleported), and spawn "flame walls" on the outer ring of his area preventing you from passing. After this he begins spawning bombs on a timer randomly around him. After approximately 10 seconds they will blow up dealing upto 5k damage in a 5 yard radius, Raid members must move to a safe spot away from the bombs. Their is no timer on this ability and he will use it randomly
  • Summon Amani'shi Hatcher: Every 90 seconds during the fight Jan'alai will summon two Amani'shi Hatchers which run to either side, unless the amount of eggs is significantly uneven. These will begin hatching eggs into Amani Dragonhawks at an accelerated rate: starting with one and incrementing by 1 spawn each time, 1,2,3,4, so letting him hatch 4 times will spawn 1+2+3+4=10 adds and destroy 10 eggs. After spawning all the eggs on one side, the Amani'shi Hatcher will move to the other side and spawn that side as well if he is not killed.
  • Spawn all remaining eggs: At 35% health all the remaining eggs will spawn. For this reason you need to let the Amani'shi Hatchers release a few eggs each time to prevent your raid group getting wiped by an obscene number of hatchlings!
  • Enrage: Triggered after 5 minutes of combat or hitting 25% health. Increases melee damage and attack speed by 50%.
  • Berserk: Triggered after 10 minutes of combat. Significantly increases his damage, and will very quickly wipe the raid.
The Amani Dragonhawk Hatchlings

The Amani'shi Dragonhawk Hatchlings deal melee damage so should be tanked by a high armour class. They can be trapped, feared, frozen, and killed using AOE attacks if required They will also cast Flame Buffet a debuff that increase fire damage taken by 2% , this will stack continuously with no limit but CAN and MUST be dispelled.

First off - Dealing with the hatchers.

The Hatchers must be allowed to release some eggs. Most raid groups let both release 2-3 eggs before nuking down one, and then letting the other release a further 2-3 eggs before killing him. Others however prefer to kill one Hatcher instantly and let the other release as many hatchlings as possible that an offtank can handle.

There are two common raid wiping occurrences that can happen on this boss. The First is Jan'Alais Flame Breath, this is easily avoided by keeping your raid group spread out.

The Second is Fire Bombs. These can be hard to avoid sometimes so require your raids full concentration, there is a safe zone that the raid (Minus tank) can move to in the northwest of your map, but your raid group must be prepared to move as soon as the bombs go off or they will be devastated by Flame Breath.

Apart from these skills though this boss is a fairly straightforward Tank and Spank, if you have a mishap during the fight your raid group can (And should) move down the stairs to reset the boss. When the boss resets he will disappear for around 30 seconds so you can get some members ressed, if you run out of time you can pull him down the stairs for an additional 30 secs of resurrection time!.

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