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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Heroics - Should they Cover Old World Instances?

I got to thinking yesterday as I boosted a friend through SM cath how much I miss the old world invoices. Scarlet Monestary is one of my old world favorites, loads of variety, some pretty funky bosses. It's a shame therefore that I have no characters around that level to play in it. Sure I could hop onto my 70 and walk through it, but wheres the fun in that?

This made my mind wander onto all the other instances I don't play quite so much anymore, what would a Heroic Deadmines be like? or Maybe Gnomeregan with a Zul'Aman style gauntlet down that rather annoying spiral part?

There are infact a whole host of invoices that I used to love, none of which I can play anymore. But how fantastic would it be to go through the old instances as a level 70? I mean stockades would finally make sense, those level 18 prisoners who cannot be subdued by level 70 elite guards.

I really would like al the old game content to be revamped for a heroic type though, I miss all the old instances, making them heroic would pretty much open up a whole new world of gameplay in WoW, which is becoming more and more monotenous with the daily quests.

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Machavelli - Barthilas said...

I have been saying this since TBC came out. I really think that this would go over huge with pre-BC players as well as post-BC