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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Season 4 Arena Gear Hitting the Shelves Soon!

So it seems that Season 4 is immanent, the rollout of large numbers of Epic Kick Arse Gear is pretty soon going to cover the realms and us poor raiders who are still making our way to the new end game will be suffering once more.

There is some good news though, despite the looks getting yet again almost identically copied (Please blizz you can manage to hire a few more designers can't you?) the new top end Arena sword will be an entire 10 points bellow the equivalent Raid Drop.

And while the incoming Season 4 will soon be arriving to players Drysc from Blizzard will not say how soon other than to say he wants to see more Guilds take down Kil'jaeden, who is currently standing undefeated bar 0.03% of the guilds in World of Warcraft, hell only 3.88% of Guilds have made it in to the Sunwell Platau Raid Instance.

In the meantime its upto us solid PvE'rs to progress with speed to get our gear up before the Arena Goers can torunce us again!

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