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Monday, 30 June 2008

Wrath of the Liche King - Non-Linear Dungeons Return!

For those of us who are Old School WoW raiders, Blackrock Depths was probably your first venture into a large, non linear dungeon which allowed yo to go where you wanted and kill bosses in your own order.

The fact of the matter was that Blackrock Depths really did allow you to explore!. It provided a lot of adventure which many other dungeons lack as you chain pull down a single corridor. I liked the fact that the keys for the doors was hard to obtain, allowing more select groups to advance to certain areas more easily. I liked the feeling that in this instance you were actually progressing.

It was for this reason that the Burning Crusade left me feeling a little disappointed, and why Karazhan remains my favorite Raid, hell my favorite instance. It seems that in the Burning Crusade you found yourself stuck in very linear gameplay, doin the same thing over and over, following a corridor to the next boss over and over again, whether you were in a raid or an instance.

Fortunately Blizz has been listening to the World of Warcraft community and has moved forward with plans to create a new breed of non linear Raid and 5-man instances, allowing for variation, progression and most importantly entertainment for WoW Raiders!

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