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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Exodus Of Raiding Players has Begun?

It seems that more and more raiding players haev been leaving WoW recently, while many transferred to PvP, and Raiding is still alive and kicking, with the Wrath of the Liche King coming out soon many players have become despondant, many have quit playing until expansion release and many guilds have taken that final sigh and disbanded.

I myself have even lost interest in the game, for any who come to this site regularly you may have noticed my recent lack of posts, the reason is quite simply that I don't really play WoW anymore.

I know - it's a shocking statement to make. But after raiding for better gear left you at the mercy of those who battled in arenas, bliz announced all current gear would be nothing but a status symbol after the Wrath of the Liche King release and my memory remeniscing on the Burning Crusade release where I backed the changes blizz made only to find myself in a rather tedious daily repetition of annoying quests for no particular gain.

When I first stated playing WoW I loved the game because as I progressed in dungeons I progressed in gerar, I could beat more people and this helped to prove that I had done what I had done in raiding. It gave raiding meaning and helped me aquire both PvP and PvE experience, there were always those who raided harder, gained more gear and played better than me, there was always a standard.

Then Blizzard seperated PvE and PvP.

Suddenly I found myself thinkning what was the point. If I wanted to beat a linear set of raid bosses I could play a single player game without the multiplayer subscriptions, sure its fun to do teh linear chains with other people, but the overall goal was to be better than others. Months of raiding saw me go into a battleground and get destroyed because I did not have the right stats, raiding no longer gave me the edge on others - spending months getting a fantastic weapon left me at the mercy of those who had chosen pure PVP, even if they did work hard for it. Suddenly there was no longer any benefit in me raiding because when all's said and done I could not test the gear I earned against others.

If I wanted to play a pure PvP game I would whack Call of Duty on, I wanted to play a game where I could do a variety of things to progress against other people - now only PvP play progresses you against other people, Raiding just progresses you against the game.

For this reason I am on the very verge of quiting the game, and this will alas mean teh ed of this blog, which I may or may not sell on to a new owner.

But unless Blizz re-alligns PvP and PvE into one entirity again I very much doubt I will be staying with the game that has put off so many of it's fans.

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