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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

We all know someone who has had their account hacked, whether it was by brute force, or amybe you suspect the player had the odd bit of powerlevelling done for him.

Now however blizzard have brought out a small USB key called the WoW Authenticator, if you buy this and set your account up as an Authenticator account you will be unable to log into WoW Without this USB key, a great way to protect all your Raiding Epics!

Of course there is a downside, these are currently all sold out, but do not fret, Blizzard have announced that they will be upping production and refunding those who have made orders that cannot be instantly fulfilled!

Personally I love the idea of some decent Account Protection, I am however just a little worried that things may go pearshaped when, for instance, i accidentally stand on it, lose it, let it go through the washing machine. When this happens, and knowing my clumsyness on occasions it most definately will, I will be without my precious WoW for days, weeks, and if its still sold out maybe over a month.

Jesus Mother of Mary I hope you get a back up!

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Anonymous said...

I am one of those who's account has been hacked. At first Blizzard claimed it was me and suspended my account even though my character was naked. Also all of my soulbound and bank items were gone.

It seems wierd to me that Blizzard would come up with a device to solve this problem. Isn't the Blizzard security strong enough to withstand such incidents? Why do I pay them monthly if not for the security to play without harm to my account? Sounds to me like Blizzard wants to tack on another cost for their pockets.

Just my opinion.