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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Naxxramas 10 Man Guide - Instructor Razuvious

Instructor Razuvious is a Death Knight Trainer, and is the first boss you will find in the Military Quarter of Naxxramas. Razuvious is a pretty hard boss to crack, not only because of his rather harsh skill set, but also because of his two understudies (Four in the 25 man version). The two understudies of Instructor Razuvious are dealt with differently in the Ten and Twenty Five man versions of this encounter.

In the 10 man version of Naxx Instructor Razuvious has around 3,349,000 hit points, and his regular hits damage for around 30,000! His abilities can also be quite devastating and require some intensive healing!

So lets have a rundown of some of the abilities of 10 man Razuvious!

  • Disrupting Shout - Disrupting Shout is a physical AoE attack that does
    4275 to 4725 physical damage to your entire raid every 15 seconds and cannot be avoided!
  • Jagged Knife - This ability is a harsh ability which occurs every ten seconds. It causes 5,000 physical damage and applies a bleed effect which causes a further 10,000 physical damage over five seconds. It is applied to a random raid member and can be avoided and can be avoided only by standing out of sight!
  • Unbalancing Strike - Causes 350% weapon damage and causes the Unbalanced debuff, reducing defence by 100 for 6 seconds. This hits for around 105,000 damage on the tank, only Death Knight Understudies should ever be hit by this!
Death Knight Understudies

When you pull Instructor Razuvious in the 10 man version of Naxxramas you will also pull two Death Knight Understudies. These hit lightly and you must mind control these throughout the fight using Orbs of Domination to and your healers should keep the two Death Knight Understudies healed at close to full health. Once Razuvious is dead they will take 1000% damage from your raid's attacks so you will be able to take these guys out in
no time after the fight has ended!

The Death Knight Understudies have their own abilities, none of which are particularly dangerous to your own raid, but must be understood as when mind controlled you will need to use them to tank Instructor Razuvious. the skills of the Death Knight Understudies are,
  • Blood Strike - An instant attack that inflicts 50% extra weapon damage to an enemy target and has a four second cooldown. This will be number 4 on your hotbar for quick casting!
  • Taunt - Used to taunt Razuvious, has a twenty second cool down and is attached to number 5 on the hotbar
  • Bone Barrier - Reduces damage taken by 75% for 20 seconds, Death Knight understudies should always have this up when they are mind controlled and tanking. This has a 30 second cool down so be ready for this so the two tanks mind controlling can switch agro using Taunt. Healers should also prepare for this just in case, it may be necessary to do some large scale healing at this point!
10 Man Strategy for Instructor Razuvious

To defeat Instructor Razuvious in Ten Man Naxx your raid group must learn to utilize the understudies. At the beginning of the fight your tanks must go to the orbs to control the adds, one around 10 seconds after the first. Razuvious will gain agro on these, meanwhile both tanks should cast bone shield before they agro, and one should taunt the boss. A few seconds before the first tank loses agro the second tank should taunt the boss away, this should be repeated until the boss is taken down.

Bone barrier must also be cast before every taunt to keep the tanks up effectively, and while this can be healed through for short periods it is advisable that the tanks swap agro before they lose this.

Both the tanks should spam Blood Strike to ensure they maintain agro over DPS.

A good way of ensuring things go smoothly here is to switch tanks every 16 - 17 seconds rather than waiting until the 20th, healers should be aware of this however so they can heal accordingly.

Your tanks should remember that they lose mind control after one minute, so they must be prepared to shout agro and disengage in some order, rather than both losing agro at the same time. While you can disengage mind control remember that you must do this form the buffs bar, not the leave vehicle button.

When the tank disengages and re-engages they must remember that there is a 5 second cooldown on the understudies abilities.

This is pretty much all you need to know to take down Instructor Razuvious, the first boss of the Naxx Military Quarter in the ten man version of Naxxramas!

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Anonymous said...

Holy sweet mother of pearl! I've only just finally brought my first toon to level 60 -- a leather-wearing rogue -- and the idea of an enemy with 10,000,000 HP who deals 30K damage to plate and throws around 7K hits on whole parties like a tourist tossing coins to street urchins is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

Wow continues to amaze me. Here I am at the level cap of the original game with fairly decent (albeit green) gear, and yet there is expansion content that I couldn't possibly participate in yet.