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Monday, 22 June 2009

Naxxramas Instructor Razuvious 25 Man Guide

Instructor Razuvious is the first Naxx Boss in the Military Quarter. in this wow raid guide we will explain how to take down this difficult addition to the new 25 man Naxxramas.

So lets get down to basics, Instructor Razuvious has 10,000,000 HP and hits plate for 30k damage. It is a huge amount and that is why your priests will come to the fore with Mind Control during this instance. the key to taking down this WoW boss is through his understudies, but I will go in to that later, for now lets go over Razuvious's skills in 25 man Naxx!

  • Disrupting Shout - This physical AoE hits for between 7125 to 7900 physical damage on the entire raid, this is unavoidable and is cast every 15 seconds.
  • Jagged Knife - Jagged Knife is used on a random member of your raid about once every 10 seconds. It does 5k dmaage instantly and applies a bleed affect which deals a further 10,000 physical damage over 10 seconds. This can be avoided by standing out of Razuvious's line of sight.
  • Unbalanced Strike - Inflicts 350% weapon damage and applies the Unbalanced debuff. This reduces the players defence by 100 for 6 seconds. Due to Razuvious's massive damage output this hits for over 100k so only Death Knight Understudies should ever be hit by this ability!
So far I have mentioned the Death Knight Understudies a couple of times, but not really explained what they are for. Basically your priests need to mind control these guys to tank Razuvious. They don't hit for much and can be tanked easily, and should not be killed the end (when they take a huge amount of damage from your DPS, 1000%). Lets go over what makes up the Death Knight Understudies.

  • Blood Strike (Button 4) - Causes 50% extra weapon damage to the target, has a four second cooldown.
  • Taunt (Button 5) - Use this to taunt the boss, this lasts ten seconds and has a 20 seconds and has a 20 second cooldown from cast.
  • Bone Barrier - Bone Barrier should be kept up when tanking the boss, it reduces the damage taken by 75% for 20 seconds and has a ten second cooldown.

Razuvious 25 Man Strategy Guide

First off, to complete this boss you will need a main tank to keep hold of the Death Knight Understudies. You will need two to three priests, depending on your raid groups skill, to mind control the Adds to tank the main boss. Two priests can sucessfully control the boss through mind control, however if you do not have the setup exactly right a third priest can keep a Death Knight understudy mind controlled ready to jump in if required. Mark the understudies so the priests know which ones to mind control.

To heal through this boss you will need one dedicated Jagged Knife Healer and two to three understudy healers. You should also keep a raid healer handy to cover any excess damage.

The pull is the critical point of this fight, fail to do do this correctly and there is a high chaince the raid will wipe.

The tank should go down he steps about 3/4 of the way first, this should pull the understudies. Razuvious will not come after the tank for 3-5 seconds. It is during this time in which the first priest must mind control an Understudy, raise it's bone barrier and then taunt the boss.

The priests should aim to stand at the bottom of the stairs and use the Understudies to tank the boss a the edge of the green circle. This should prevent mind control breaks and allow enough time to recast mind control before an understudy reaches a priest.
If you have four priests in your group you can mind control and tank with all four of the understudies.

This is the safest way to keep the boss under control, however it can gimp your raids healing or DPS.

When placing the understudies you should space them evenly apart around Razuvious so that the other priests instantly know when another priest has taunted the boss, because he will turn.

The main difficulty after this pull is keeping up an efficient rotation of mindcontrol, bone barrier, taunt. It may help if the raid leader has a go command for each priest, so tehy start their sequence at the correct time!

I hop this guide gives you some help in how to defeat Instructor Razuvious!

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