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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Emalon the Storm Watcher Raid Guide

Emalon the Storm Watcher was at one point one of the hardest bosses in the Vault of Archavon.  However after a big patch nerf, many guilds will now find Emalon the Storm Watcher a much easier prospect.  Don't get me wrong however, while Emalon has been nerfed, he should still provide you and your friends with a fairly decent challenge!

First, lets get down to basics.  In 10 man mode Emalon the Storm Watcher has around 2.7 million HP.  This is increased to 11 million HP in 25 man mode.  The first thing you will most likely notice about Emalon is that he hits for a good 20k un-mitigated on plate every three seconds. Unfortunately Emalon's strength doesn't stop there, with some devastating lightning based (Nature damage) abilities in his arsenal. Emalon, like Archavon the Stone Watcher, has a short enrage timer of 6 minutes, so you need to keep up a high DPS on this WoW Raid boss!

Around Emalon the Storm Watcher there are four minions, when one is killed another respawns, unfortunately you need to keep on top of these guys, as I will explain shortly.  First however, let's cover these hardcore lightning abilities of Emalon teh Storm Watcher!

  • Chain Lightning - Hits one person for between 4.5k and 5.5k damage a time, this jumps around your raid if people are too close, and each jump will increase it's damage by 50%, this occurs every 15 seconds.
  • Lightning Nova - A large 20 yard nature damage AOE which hits for up to 20k to 25k damage. Closer proximity = greater damage.
  • Overcharge - Gives a minion overcharge, I will explain this next!
 The Tempest Minions which surround Emalon the Stone Watcher are the bane of many a raid group when they first attempt this rather difficult raid boss. Each one spawns with around 141k HP, and when Emalon hits a random minion with overcharge, that minion will become fully healed.

Overcharge grants a random minion 20% extra damage, and this is stacked every 2 seconds.  When ten stacks are reached the minion becomes a living bomb, which deals 30k damage to the entire raid.

For this reason it is imperative that as seen as Emalon the Stone Watcher empowers one of his minions with overcharge, your DPS must take the affected minion down immediately!

Basic Emalon the Storm Watcher Strategy Guide

While the Emalon boss fight is by no means easy, once your raid group has mastered this raid boss you should find it becomes a pretty smooth fight.  There are some simple strategies that you should however bring in to play.

Use two tanks, one on Emalon, the other on the Tempest Minions. The tanks should stand at least 30 yards away from each other to avoid the off-tank getting hit with the full force of the Lightning Nova. Melee DPS should also be prepared to run from Lightning Nova.

Ranged DPS should be the ones to switch to the overcharged minions, the rest of the time they should focus on Emalon the Storm Watcher.

Avoiding the chain lightning is easy in 10 man (Just keep spread out) but harder in 25 man.  Because of the limited space some 25 man raid groups prefer to stack players in twos. This way the chain lightning only hits 2 people.  Allowing the chain lightning to jump too far is a recipe for a raid wipe, since it can cause a large amount of raid wide damage!

As long as you manage to keep these simple things under control you should be able to kill Emalon the Storm watcher in no time at all, and enjoy the Tier 8 goodies this lightning imbued boss drops!

Avoiding Chain Lightning is different in 10 and 25 man variations of the raid.

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