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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Vault of Archavon - Archavon the Stone Watcher 10 and 25 man WoW Raid Guide

Archavon the Stone Watcher is the first boss in the vault of Archavon, and is my first update to my world of warcraft raid guide in a lonnggg time. I apologise for not updating the WoW raid guide more, I have however been incredibly busy with both my wedding and my US immigration!
But lets get back on point! Archavon the Stone Watcher is very similar in both 10 and 25 man raid modes, he is a pretty tough boss, but his real lack of imaginative abilities make him a pretty easy take down for any WoW raid group that is decently equipped.

Archavon the Stone Watcher will drop Tier 7 pieces and their PvP equivalent, for a variety of classes. The Tier 7 will definitely help with some of the later bosses in this raid. You can also look forward to twe emblems of triumph.

In this WoW raid Archavon the Stone Watcher has 2,300,900 hp in the ten man instance, and just under 10,000,000 hp in the 25 man version of Archavon. 
Archavon the Stone Watcher deals a pretty high amount of damage, and you will more than likely need two tanks, you should also keep up a high rate of DPS on this boss, you will want to take him out as quickly as possible due to his five minute enrage timer.

Archavon the Stone Watcher has some pretty basic abilities, but nevertheless you will need to keep a close eye on things to prevent your raid group from wiping.

  • Rock Shards - The Rock Shards ability is an unavoidable attack that deals around 10,000 damage on 10 man and 20,000 damage on 25 man against a single (random) raid member over three seconds.  This ability is cast every 15 seconds or so, and one healer  can easily keep on top of this with a well timed large heal. The damage is also mitigated by armor. The tricky part of this ability is that the same damage will be applied to any raid member within five yards of the affected player.
  • Impale - Every 45 seconds Archavon the Stone Watcher will cast impale, this is probably the biggest raid breaker of the entire fight, and your healers will need to be on the ball every time this is cast. It deals a raid wide 4000 damage on 10 man and 8000 damage on 25 man, while giving a 2 second stun to the entire raid.  At the same time the main tank will be impaled in to the air and incapacitated for 8 seconds. During this time it is highly important that you have a second tank, or well geared DPS, take up the threat until the main tank recovers.  Since this only lasts 8 seconds Taunt is a viable way to keep the boss busy if played right, so a good DPS player can keep things going.
  • Choking Cloud - This move has a 30 second cooldown, and you will see the Stone Watcher jump towards a random raid member. When Archavon the Stone Watcher lands he will deal 4,000 damage in ten man and 8,00 damage in 25 man raids to the player, and anyone stood within 10 yards of him, as well as knocking the players back by around 30 yards.. A white cloud will appear where Archavon the Stone Watcher lands, standing in this will result in 2,000 damage in 10 man and 3,000 damage in 25 man per tick, as well as causing a 50% reduction in your hit chance, so never stand in these clouds!
Archavon the Stone Watcher Strategy Guide

To defeat Archavon the Stone Watcher you really just have to remember a few simple rules

1) Keep everyone WELL spread out to reduce the AoE damage.
2) Tank him against the back of the room
3) DPS fast, if your healers have spare mana it really can't hurt for them to throw on a DoT or two just to help keep the damage up. The boss is on a five minute enrage timer, so he needs to be taken down FAST.
4) Watch out for both the cloud (Which hurts both health and group DPS) and Rock Shards, if you are hit by rock shards, get out of the way of the rest of the group. If your neighbor has rock shard, get away fast!

Healing on Archavon the Stone Watcher fight is pretty simplistic, you will need one well geared healer in ten man fights and 2 to 3 healers in the 25 man version. At least one more healer, maybe two depending on group make up (10 man) and three, maybe four, healers (25 man) will be required to deal with the rest of the damage. The amount of healers you will need is really based on your raid groups ability to avoid the AoE damage, so keep an eye on how your group progresses. If you do not kill Archavon the Stone watcher before he enrages you may have no choice but to drop a healer for increased DPS.

DPS has to be fast on this boss, and since the fight must take less than 5 minutes, DPS really do need to go all out.

As your DPS will be going all out, your tanks must be ready to hold agro, so make sure your tanks are specced properly, and well geared.

The first tank inparticular should keep threat high to deal with impale, the second tank should keep threat at a level which is always higher than DPS, but lower than the main tank.

Follow these simple steps and you should kill the boss Archavon the Stone Watcher in no time, and soon enough you will tire of waiting for the 7 day cooldown timer on this loot heavy WoW Boss!

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