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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Naxxramas 10 man Guide Anub'Rekhan

Anub'Rekhan is one of the firs bosses you will meet in the Naxxramas 10 man instance. He has some raid breaking abilities at his disposal but generally you will find he is considered one of the easiest bosses in Naxxramas, and is a good gear check for some of the upcoming bosses you will face in this particularly entertaining raid instance.

Anub'Rekhan deals a lot of physical and nature damage, as well as providing your raid group with some fairly difficult diversions to keep he fight interesting. he starts at around 2,230,000 hp and has some devestating abilities at his disposal. This raid does not really test your raid groups co-ordination too much, but the fight will be a good basic gear check. Anub'Rekhan will use various abilities during this fight, these are,

  • Impale - A devastating ability that targets a random player and hits every other player that stands between Anub and his target in a straight line. This AoE attack causes between 4800 and 6200 physical damage and will throw each player hit into the air causing 50% fall damage when they hit the ground. Slow fall abilities should be used here if possible to save your healers mana.
  • Locust Swarm - On a 60 second cool down but generally used every 70 to 120 seconds Locust swarm is fairly easy to avoid but can be devastating if not handled correctly. During this phase Anub'Rekhan slows to 60% of his speed and the AoE Locust Swarm affect appears for 30 yards around him. Your raid must move out of this as soon as possible. Locust swarm causes a stacking debuff for 875 to 1125 Nature damage every two seconds and gives a strong silence to anyone affected. This silence removes all players abilities, including shield wall, auto attack and last stand for the tank. When this is cast you will also find another crypt guard will spawn at Anub's initial spawn point, this should be taken by the off tank and moved away from the Locust Swarm.
  • Summon Corpse Scarabs - At regular intervals Anub'Rekhan will spawn corpse scarabs from the corpses around the room. it helps if your mages can frost nova these straight away but it is not always possible. Depending on which corpse Anub'Rekhan chooses different numbers of scarabs will spawn, Crypt Guards will spawn 10 and regular player corpses will spawn 5. For this reason mages should always stay close to the Crypt Guard Corpses. These will automatically attack random targets when spawned.
The crypt guards themselves are a major part of this fight, they have around 234,000 hp and have some dangerous attacks that must be deals with correctly. These guys should be taken down as soon as they spawn. The first one will appear 20 seconds in to the boss fight, the next ones will spawn after every locust swarm.

The Crypt Guard Abilities are,

  • Cleave - The Crypt Guard does 110% damage spread over 3 targets.
  • Acid Spit - A stacking DoT affect that causes 500 nature damage every 2 seconds for ten seconds
  • Frenzy - When they hit low HP the crypt guards will frenzy giving them an additional 50% damage and 60% haste.
Anub'Rekhan Strategy

Killing Anub'Rekhan needs only a relatively simple strategy, but can cause some problems, and even wipes for unprepared guild runs.

The most reliable strategy for dealing with Anub'Rekhan is to form two groups. One with a healer, your main tank and a hunter if available, the other with your off-tank and other raid members.

The group with your main tank should kite Anub around the edge of the slime circle, your healer should keep up HoTs to make any damage from the locust swarm negligible and leave him free to deal with any damage the tank may suffer from Rekhan directly.

The other group should deal with the spawned Crypt Guard, once taken down the group should then form a moving semi-circle around Anub'Rekhan and continue to deal damage to the Boss.

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