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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Naxxramas 25 Man Guide Anub'Rekhan

Like in the 10 man version of Naxx Anub'Rekhan is the also the first boss you wil have to kill in the 25 man Naxxramas raid. This Naxx boss is fairly easy to deal with and in this naxx raid guide to 25 man Anub'Rekhan I wills how you how to take this boss down with no trouble at all.

Anub Rekhan has approximately 6,765,000 hp in the 25 man version of this instance and two Crypt Guards will spawn, both of whisch should be dealt with immediately.

The abilities of Anub'Rekhan in a 25 man raid mode can be devastating, but are easy enough to avoid if your raid group follows their instructions carefully.

Anub'Rekhan's abilities are,

  • Impale - Anub's single most instant damage ability, impale will select a target from your raid and damage that player and all raid members between them and Anub for 5600 to 7400 physical damage and throw each player affected by this AoE into the air, causing 50% fall damage when they hit the ground. for this reason your raid members should use any slow fall abilities possible when hit by this to help save from accidentla death as well as your healers Mana.
  • Locust Swarm - This ability has a 60 second cooldown, but is generally used every 70 to 120 seconds. It will first occur between 80 seconds and 120 seconds into the fight. The Locust swarm ability does several things. First off though, it is a 30 yard AoE that is focussed on and will move with Rekhan. It causes a DoT which does 1300 to 1700 stackign damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. it also has a complete silence, which removes all abilities including Shield Wall, Last Stand and Even Auto-Attack. This lasts for around 20 seconds. When this spell is cast Anub will also spawn another Crypt Guard, which must be dealt with immediately.
  • Summon Corpse Scarab - At regualr intervals during the fight Anub Rekhan will spawn Corpse Scarabs from teh corpses around the room, this differs from Crypt Guard and raid member corpses. Raid members will only spawn 5 Corpse Scarabs, whereas fallen Crypt Guards will spawn 10 Corpse Scarabs. Mages should stand near Crypt Guard corpses so tehy can frost nova the scarabs as soon as they spawn. You should take these down quickly, they only cause around 1k damage on cloth but this can be the difference between a successful raid boss takedown and a wipe!
Crypt Guards are mentioned a lot here, so I think they deserve a short section explaining their abilities. The crypt guard abilities are fairly simple but important to understand. They must be dealt with quickly to avoid them breaking up an wiping your raid.

The Crypt Guard have around 521,000 hp and their abilities are,
  • Cleave - An attack which does 110% damage spread over three targets.
  • Acid Spit - A Stacking DoT that hits for 500 Nature damage per stack every two seconds for ten seconds.
  • Frenzy - When the Crypt Guard reaches a low HP it will frenzy causing 50% extra damage and increasing it's attack speed by 60%

Anub'Rekhan 25 Man Strategy Guide

While this boss can be done with two tanks it is far preferable to have 3 tanks on the 25 man version of Anub'Rekhan. The main tank should focus on Anub while the other two pick up the Corpse Scarabs and Crypt Guards.

The main tank should pick up Anub'Rekhan and move him straight back to the spot where Anub spawned. The two off-tanks should pick up their crypt guards and take them close to Rekhan, at which point the DPS should work on nuking down these two adds.

The DPS themselves should spread out in semi circles around Anub Rekhan to help minimize the effects of Impale, the mages should however stand close to the deceased Crypt Guards to pick up the Scarabs that spawn with Frost Nova.

The real challenge of this fight is dealing with Anub'Rekhans Locust swarm. As soon as this hits your raid group should form two groups, the first should contain your tank, one or two healers (Depending on your tanks gear) and preferably a hunter. The hunter should enable aspect of the pack and the tank should kite Anub'Rekhan around the ring of slime while the healers keep him topped up. Preferably everyone should remain out of range of the locust swarm.

During this another Crypt Guard will spawn and should be picked up and destroyed by the rest of the raid. Once this phase is over the main tak should return Anub to his previous position and the DPS can continue as before untill the next Locust Swarm

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