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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Naxxramas 10 Man Guide Grand Widow Faerlina

After you have finished off Anub'Rekhan you will come across Grand Widow Faerlina. Faerlina is the skill check, as Anub is the gear check. Grand Widow Faerlina has plenty of abilities which will throw your raid group in to disarray so you must be careful to have a strong raid composition and co-ordination to ensure that this boss takedown goes as well as possible.

Grand Widow Faerlina starts the fight with around 2,230,000 hp and four worshippers, these are integral to the fight and must be controlled carefully. but first lets go over Grand Widow Faerlina's 10 man raid abilities.

  • Poison Bolt Volley - Faerlina's Poison Bolt Volley will hit the three closest players to her for 2600 to 3400 damage each, this also applies a dispellable DoT which does 1400 to 1750 nature damage every 2 seconds for eight seconds. Widow's Embrace prevents Faerlina form using this for 30 seconds. She will generally cast this once every 12 to 15 seconds however it can be earlier as it is on an 8 second cooldown.
  • Rain of Fire -This rain of fire spell casts an 8 yard AoE causing Fire damage of around 1750 to 2750 every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. This is cast every 6 to 18 seconds and can easily be stepped out of.
  • Frenzy - Every 60 to 80 seconds grand widow faerlina will enter a frenzy. This should be mitigated by Widow's Embrace which we will come to later. Frenzy increases Faerlina's damage by 150% her melee haste by 50% and she will hit for upwards of 15k damage during this time.
Explaining Grand Widow Faerlina's Worshippers.

Grand Widow Faerlina starts the fight with four Worshippers. These will need to be off tanked at the beginning of the fight, but should not be killed. Upon death the worshippers (in the ten man version of this boss fight) cast Widow's Embrace, which removes Faerlina's frenzy and silences her nature school for 30 seconds!

In 10 man Naxx Grand Widow Faerlina's Worshippers are immune to mind control, so should be taken down to about 5% one after another so they can be killed a the right time. Before you kill them take them close to Faerlina so you can guarantee their death!

Naxxramas 10 Man Guide Grand Widow Faerlina

Taking down the Naxx boss Grand Widow Faerlina is all about Raid Co-ordination, especially in the 10 man version of the instance. The trick to getting through the boss Faerlina is controlling the additional worshippers to remove Faerlina's Frenzy.

Killing Grand Widow Faerlina can be done relatively easily with two tanks, The off-tank should be able to handle the worshippers and should tank them under the stairs. They barely deal any damage so they should be fairly easy to handle.

The main tank should hold Faerlina, the DPS Should focus on Faerlina but must be prepared to help the off tank if they are having trouble getting down a worshippers health ready for frenzy.

The Worshippers should be handled to around 5% health ready for Faerlina's frenzy, this is pretty much crucial so the Worshipper can be killed at the right time.

The right time to kill a worshipper is just after frenzy hits, the worshipper to be killed must be taken close to Faerlina and then nuked down instantly to keep Faerlina's Frenzy as short as possible.

You need to repeat this strategy for every upcoming Frenzy to take down Grand Widow Faerlina effectively, failure to stop her frenzy can easily cause a wipe and can be near impossible to fight through for an inexperienced raid group.

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