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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Naxxramas Guide Noth the Plaguebringer 25 Man

Noth the Plague Bringer is the first boss in the Plague Quarter, he casts a fair number of spells, most of them however are curses requiring at least 3 decursing classes to keep your raid alive with ease.

This is a fairly simple fight with two main phases and both of these can be handled by even an amature raid group due to the fights simplicity. blink must be watched out for however as Noth's agro resets, so the raid must stop quickly allowing the tank to regain agro.

But lets get right down to the basics, Noth the Plaguebringer has 8,440,000 hit points. He also spawns up to three different kinds of adds, plagued warriors which have 125,000 hp, Plagued Champions which have 130,000hp and Plagued Champions which have 100,00 hp, however I will talk more about this after I have covered Noth's abilities.

Noth the Plague Bringer has several abilities which require good decursing more than anything else.

  • Curse of the Plaguebringer: Curses 10 random raid members around every 50 seconds, if they are not decursed within 10 seconds then Wrath of the Plaguebringer will be cast on the player and all raid members within 30 yards.
  • Wrath of the Plaguebringer: If Curse of the Plaguebringer is not decursed a large number of raid members will have Wrath of the Plaguebringer cast on them. This causes an immediate 5550 to 6450 shadow damage and applies a dot giving 3150 to 3850 Shadow damage every two seconds for ten seconds. It is best to save potions in case this occurs, this way you can quickly restore some health and allow your healers to catch up with the sudden burst damage and have the curses dispelled.
  • Blink: Noth the Plaguebringer will blink periodically during the fight, he doesn't blink far but Agro is reset, so all DPS MUST stop until the tank regains agro. This has a 25 second cooldown and tends to happen straight away, so any long cast time spells should not be started during this time.
  • Cripple - When he blinks all players around his location before the blink will be crippled, this slows movement by 50%, reduces attack speed by 100% and strength by 50%. This is dispellable and a dispelling class should be ready to remove this from the tank as soon as possible. A well timed mass dispel can work wonders here.
  • Summon Plagued Warriors: Every 30 seconds Noth the Plaguebringer will summon three Plagued Warriors. Plagued Warriors have around 125,000 hit points and hit for around 3k on plate, off tanks should pick these guys up ASAP.
In phase two of this fight Noth will teleport away and will become invincible for around 70 seconds. During this time the raid group will be attacked by waves of skeletons, after which you will return to phase one. Phase two occurs every 110 seconds, and depending on your raid groups skill you may see either one or two types off adds.
  • Plagued Champions - Plagued Champions have around 130,000 hp, the hit for around 3.5k on plate and also hit with Mortal strike and Shadow Shock (a 25 yard AoE focusing on the add causing 29600 to 3500 shadow damage within range. It is cast random and has a very low cooldown.
  • Plagued Guardians - These appear from the second phase onwards, effective raid groups will kill Noth before phase 2 repeats so should not see these guys. Plagued Guardians have 100,000hp and hit for 1k on plate. They cast Arcane explosion regularly which deals 6k damage to all raid members within 30 yards. Two of these will replace two Plagued Champions in each wave from the second iteration of Phase Two onwards.
Noth the Plaguebringer 25 Man Strategy

This is a fairly easy fight but you will need a minimum of 2 to 3 decursing players and 2-3 tanks depending on your raid groups quality. The tanks need to be ready by the piles of bones to pick up the adds and the decursers must be speedy in removing the curses, it helps to assign groups for this.

Noth himself does not do too much damage, unless you let the fight go for too long, at which point he does 1000% damage. It is important to note though that the real risk of this fight is not de-cursing fast enough, this can easily cause a wipe in even the best of raid groups.

Off-tanks should be ready to pick up the adds, but be ready to cause some DPS damage when possible. It is more than possible to take Noth out after only one second phase so the more DPS the better.

As phase two starts the off tanks should pick up the Plagued Champions/Guardians and spread them apart, Healers and Ranged DPS should keep their distance. Close DPS should stay together to minimise damage from the AoE Shadow Shock.

When Phase Two ends he nearly always casts Curse of the Plaguebringer. It is useful for the de-cursers to be aware of this so they can remove this curse before it does any damage to the raid.

All in all he is an easy enough boss, but still requires careful handling and good co-ordination from both your decursers and off tanks. Remember this and you should take down the first Plague Quarter boss with no trouble at all!

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