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Friday, 8 May 2009

Naxxramas Raid Guide - Heigan the Unclean 25 Man

Heigen the Unclean is the second boss in the Naxxramas Plague Quarter, and the most infamous. Unlike the majority of other WoW bosses the strategy of this WotLK boss hinges entirely on your raid group moving to the correct locations in the correct sequence a tthe corect times.

The sequence you need to follow is 1-2-3-4-3-2-1-2 and so forth, this resets as soon as Heigan teleports so remember to move fast back to spot number one. This boss can be easy or hard depending on your guilds co-ordination, some groups can walk this while others have some real trouble!

But lets get down to the basics of this notorious boss, Heigan the Unclean has around 9,300,000 hit points. Heigan also has two phases both of which require movement in the sequence above, in the second phase however things move significantly faster!

He has several abilities which differ in the two different phases of the fight, these are

Phase One

  • Spell Disruption - 30 Yard constant AoE aura around Heigan that increases cast times by 300% - Druid Healers are good here as their insta cast heals are unaffected allowing them to move freely.
  • Decrepit Fever - A Disease that affects a random player causing 4,500 nature damage every 3 seconds and reduces the maximum hp of every player within 20 yards by 50%.
Phase Two

After 90 seconds Heigan the Unclean will teleport to the middle of the raised platform and begin channelling.
  • Plague Cloud - A dangerous spell causing 7,500 nature damage every second to any player still on the platform during this phase.
  • Eruption - Three quarters of the room will be affected by an AoE called Eruption every few seconds causing 6600 to 7400 damage. People near a safe spot will only be hit once, those in an unsafe spot will be hit several times, which will nearly always kill the affected raid member.
Heigan the Unclean 25 Man Strategy Guide

The fight has a 135 second cycle, the first lasts 90 seconds and the ground eruptions move slowly. Here your tank needs to pull Heigan from the north of the room to the middle of the room then towards the east of the room, as shown below following the blue line from one to four and back again. During phase 1 all ranged DPS and healers can stand on the platform (Red Spot) but must move into a safe zone to avoid

During phase two Heigan the Unclean teleports to the platform for 45 seconds. Ground Eruptions will speed up and the entire raid will need to move through the safety zones to avoid death by Plague Crowd.

Remember that whenever a phase change occurs it resets to zone one. if you are having trouble try using smoke flares to ensure that people move to the right areas.

This fight is pretty easy once you get used to the pattern, but be careful for Decrepit Fever, this disease can easily affect an entire raid when grouped together. Shamans and priests are useful here, cleansing totems should be up constantly, they should also try to keep Abolish disease up on a few raid members, particularly before the end of phase two.

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