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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Naxxramas Raid Guide - Maexxna 10 Man

Maexxna is the final Naxxramas boss in the Arachnid Quarter, and is by far the toughest of the three bosses that reside in this section of Naxx. Maexxna is one hell of a dangerous boss to an unprepared guild, with plenty of raid breaking abilities and some fearsome stats. It is often considered that Maexxna is the first real taste you receive of the upcoming Naxxramas bosses that you will encounter throughout the instance.

But lets get down to the basic Maexxna Stats, Maexxnahas about 2,500,000 hp in the 10 man version of Naxx, she also has some ferocious abilities which must be dealt with swiftly and correctly if your guild is going to pick up some fantastic drops from this boss!

So without further ado, let us go over the Maexxna 10 man abilities!

  • Web Wrap - cast first seconds in to the fight and then every 40 seconds thereafter, web wrap sends one of your players hurtling across to the Western side of the walls. When they hit this they get wrapped in a cocoon which incapacitates the affected player. There are two spots where the player will be cocooned so DPS should be ready and waiting, the spot alternates back and forth between the two positions. The cocoon has around 6k hp so the DPS should be able to take it out quickly, which is pretty vital as the cocoon effect causes 2400 to 3100 nature damage every 2 seconds!
  • Web Spray - A total AoE effect which incapacitates everyone in the room for 6 seconds and also causes 1700 to 2250 nature damage. Tank must be buffed up with HoT's prior to this being cast or else they will die!
  • Poison Shock - A cone shaped AoE that reaches for 15 yards ahead of Maexxna causing 3500 to 4500 damage to all those infront of her, this occurs every ten seconds, but is easily avoidable by standing to the side, or behind the boss.
  • Frenzy - At 30% health Maexxna will frenzy, this increases her physical damage by 50% and haste by 50%.
  • Meaxxna Spiderlings - Eight are spawned at 30 seconds in to the fight and every 40 seconds thereafter. These only have 7.5k hp and hit for 1k on cloth, but must be dealt with quickly to avoid unnecessary deaths.
Despite this being the hardest boss in the Arachnid Quarter of Naxxramas it is also one of the quickest, the fight is generally over in around three minutes, and rests solely on your group navigating the different effects correctly, most importantly being web spray, where your tank must be HoT'ed to the brim to ensure he does not get killed while everyone is out of action.

The best way to play this boss is for the tank to take Maexxna close to a wall and then face her into the room, the raid should position themselves behind the boss with mages ready to frost nova and AoE the spiderlings. Ranged DPS should also be ready to take out the cocoons as soon as two of your raid members are afflicted by Web Wrap. the spiderlings must be taken out ASAP so they are dead before Web Spray, if any are left then some unlucky raid members will be taking damage while your healers are out of action, and will most certainly die.

Healers will need to put abolish poison and all HoT's on the tank before Webspray comes in to effect, if this is not done the Tank will most likely die.

When Maexxna hits 33% you should cut back on DPS until one last web spray has occurred, if you do not do this everyone may be immobilized while Maexxna is in frenzy, this can easily wipe a raid group!

Apart from that, good luck! The boss is not too hard if your group co-ordinates well and prepares correctly for each of Maexxna's abilities!

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