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Friday, 18 January 2008

Karazhan - Attumen the Hunter and Midnight (His Faithful Steed)

This is the first boss in Karazhan and by far the easiest. Considering the number of gimmick fights in the burning crusade, with random abilities, complete random taunt and so forth this is a refreshingly simple tank and spank battle. However there ar a few quirks you should be awar of before jumping in to the fray.

First things first though, lets get the basics sorted.

Attumen stands at about 350,000 health and is of the Undead variety. He has a variety of attacks, most of which can be easily avoided if your tanks stand in the right place. While Attumen can be solo tanked it is not recommended and you will require a minimum of two tanks for the other bosses at any rate.

His attacks are as follows,

  • Melee - 1.6k - 2.1k on tank, 8k on clothie. Can and should be disarmed.
  • Shadow Cleave - Cleaves anyone in front of him for about 4k.
  • AoE Curse - Reduces chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks and spells by 50%. Casts every 30 seconds. Removed by mages and druids.
  • Mount Up - When he or Midnight reaches 25% health he will mount and they will form 1 boss at full health.
  • Charge - This charge does over 6k damage on cloth and does a knockdown however it has a minimum range so can easily be avoided by having everyone hug. Remember to stay on his back half to avoid the Cleave.

The Basic Setup

The basic raid setup for attumen is incredibly simple.

First, Your offtank needs to get agro on Midnight, I suggest giving at least 5 seconds for this as neither Attumen of Midnight can be taunted (Damn Kara has a lot of this). It helps if you take midnight to the wall, keeping him well out of the way.

Once your tank has sufficient agro DPS Midnight to 95%. At this point Attumen will appear, it is vital that at this point your main tank gets agro on Attumen and faces him away from the group.

The rest of the group including the off tank must stay behind attumen to avoid his cleave ability,

Important things to remember here are Demoralising Shout and Thunderclap, Disarm should also be used on attument to significantly reduce his damage output. A cheeky Spell reflect will also work wonders on his curse which occurs once every 30 seconds.

So you have your Raid in place with the two bosses where you want them. The next part is simple, dps Midnight as fast as you can. As soon as he hits 25% hp Attumen will mount him, restoring to 100% health.

As soon as this hapens the tank must ensure the Attumen/Midnight combo is attacking him and move him to face away from the group again. All other raid members must huddle up directly behind the boss to avoid his cleave and midnights charge ability (Which Can be lethal to clothies, especially if only one stays outside the group.)

The DPS should leave 2-3 seconds after the two bosses join to allow the tank to gain sufficient agro, this is hardly ever required, but 2-3 seconds is a safeguard to a possible stupid wipe.

The rest of the fight returns to a simple tank and spank, healing is fairly easy and should only be needed on the tank itself.

It may also be useful to note that there is a repair guy near this boss, however you amy need a certain level of rep with the violet eye to use him, can anyone confirm? He also sells several rare recepies (Bind on Pickup) for any flourishing Jewelcrafters out there.

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