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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Karazhan - Opera Event - The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is probably the most difficult of the three Opera Events, with the Big Bad Wolf and Romulo and Julianne being the other two.

The Wizard of OZ contains 5 bosses which arrive soon after one another.

Dorothee & Tito

Dorothy will come into combat first, she is unagroable and will attack random players. Tito will go around silencing or pacifying his targets, leaving them unable to attack. Do not kill tito before Dorothee as then she will enrage dealing massive damage to random party members, including your clothies!
Nuke Dorothee then nuke Tito,

Roar is rather ironically susceptible to fear. A lock is ideal here for keeping him feared rather than tanked. However the offtank should try to get some agro incase fear fails, in which case it would be much more preferable for Roar to head for the offtank rather than the lock.

Strawman suffers hugely from fire damage, nearly any fire spell cast on him will disorient him. Therefore firespells should be constantly aimed at him, be they from lock, mage, fire totem or fire elemental.

Tinhead needs to be tanked by the main tank since he deals a rather large amount of damage, as time progresses he will begin to 'rust' as his rust gets worse the tank will be able to kite him rather than fight him, letting the DPS finish him off with ease. Remember to face him away form the raid, as he does a cleave ability with rather high damage.

Once the four main characters are downed the Crone will come. This woman spawns cyclones that will throw players into the air for around 1-3k fall damage, this can be mitigated by slowfall abilities.

Her second spell is chain lighting, making it important to keep your raid spread out as much as possible, though this may be hard with the cyclones.

The crone has pretty low HP and Damage so should go down without too much of a problem..

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