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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Karazhan - Opera Event - Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf is one of three Opera Events in Karazhan. The other two being 'Romulo and Julianne' and 'The Wizard of Oz'. All three of these battles are rather fun and have some interesting quirks to them.

His first two attacks are very much crowd control, an AoE fear called 'terrifying howl' on all raid members near him, and a 'wide swipe' which stuns the target for four seconds.

The point where this gets fun is on the Big bad Wolf's third ability, Little Red Riding Hood.

This will change a raid member into little red riding hood causing the Big Bad Wolf to chase them for the duration of the change. The problem with this is that the debuff gives the unlucky raid member 0 armour/resistance and removes their ability to caste spells or fight. The upside is it will increase their speed by 50%. If you get this run in nice big wide sweeping circles around your healer, it is easily survivable unless you are unlucky to get wide sweep, which stuns you in position with no protection. If this happens you will most likely die, but at least you get the knowledge of how you are going to die unlike a random boss hit. After experiencing this myself I can safely say 'rabbit', 'headlights', 'splat' are words that tend to come to mind if your luck fails in that kind of way.

The best technique on this boss seems to be to have your tank on one corner of the room and have your DPS in the two closest corners. For the most part it is tank and spank. When the little red riding hood debuff takes effect the Tank must continue chasing and hitting the wolf to maintain some kind of agro level. DPS must watch their threat meters or the Big Bad Wolf will target them as soon as the little red riding hood debuff fades.

Healers stay on the newly formed little red riding hood, they will most likely survive one swipe, but they wont manage two if they don't get healed.

If you get turned into the Big Bad Wolfs favourite meal you have no option but to run. The best way to achieve this is to keep close to the wolf but out of his range. If you get too far ahead he will cut the corers and catch up with you. If that happens you are in serious trouble, and will most likely hear the wolf yell “Mmmm… delicious.”

Cheeky bastard.

Apart from that there is very little else to do. Warriors can use intervention to save the little red riding hood from a hit. Mages can use amplify magic, since the wolf casts no spells.

While techniques such as Invisibility, iceblock, feign death and vanish have been known to stop you getting the debuff if you cast just after the big bad wolf starts casting it has been known that no one gets the debuff, though this may have been fixed in patch 2.3!

If you follow these pointers you should have no trouble in downing this fairly amusing boss!

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