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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Karazhan - Maiden of Virtue (the Big Bitch)

The Maiden of Virtue is a big bitch, but easy enough to take down. She sits as the third boss in Karazhan and she is, at least in my opinion, one of the easier bosses in Kara. Maiden is Taunt Immune, so again its important to state that all you DPSers MUST watch your agro. This fight relies on your tank keeping maiden central for the most part so people know where to stand. The good thing about Maiden is that she is one of the few Kara Bosses that only requires one tank to complete with ease, so offtank, get your DPS gear on.

So lets get right down to it, what can Maiden do, and how hard is she?

Well her health sits at around 376,000, and she only really has two major attacks that you need to worry about, with two more damaging, but not raid breaking abilities. This leaves her as a fairly simple tank and spank exercise. Her melee hits for 2.5k - 3k every second and a halfish with the occasional 4-5k crushing blow.

  • Repentance - Incapacitates for 12 seconds and does 1500-2000 holy damage to the whole raid. Cannot be dispelled but can be broken with damage. 25 second cast time.
  • Holy Ground - AoE (12 yards around her, conveniently the size of the platform) 240-360 holy damage every 3 seconds. Silences every 1 second for 0.5 sec.
  • Holy Fire - 3000-3500 fire damage DoT and 1750 fire damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. 1 second cast time, 2 second cool down. Can be dispelled, and should be if possible.
  • Holy Wrath - Instant cast holy chain damage AoE. 2k damage on first target, 900 damage on any others. 20 second cool down.

The important thing about beating maiden is learning the repentance and holy ground technique. To start this off you need a good raid layout,

Maiden is on a raised platform in the centre of the room, this is surrounded by pillars. Your ranged DPS and healers should stand just below the lower step while the melee DPS and your tank should move into the middle. Melee DPS and the Tanks should be in one group for Circle of Healing, a great spell on Maiden. who does a lot of AoE damage to the melee DPS around her. Make sure you have a healer on either side of maiden so you always have people in range of healing.

Pretty much as soon as you go in holy ground will take effect, this isn't really a huge problem for Melee DPS and can be ignored. What can damage the raid is Repentance, this will knock out your healers for 12 seconds, not good!

In a perfect world your healers should step into holy ground (On top of the platform) That way as soon as repentance is cast it will be dispelled by Holy ground. Your healers can then step out of the holy fire, wait for silence to tick off and continue healing. Either way top up the Tank with Heals over Time (HoT) to cover in case of repentance.

If your healers get caught in repentance you have two escape routes, plus paladins Divine shield (making them a useful healing addition on this boss)

1) If you have any Pallys or druids in melee DPS they should immediately jump out of holy ground and start healing till the original healers are back in action.

2) Get the tank to move maiden towards the healers, that way holy ground will move and bring tem out of repentance early.

Neither of these techniques are ideal, both can save the raid though. Once you have this setup in your raid Maiden is easy enough and only has two more abilities.

Holy fire, a rather annoying dot, but can easily be healed over. If you have a priest specced for reduced mana cost on dispel get him to do this, otherwise a couple of flash heals may be more effective (no doubt holy fire will get a tick off anyway). Grounding totems may proves useful in absorbing some Holy fire if you have a shaman in the group, saving your healers a bit of work, and warlocks can use spellstones to remove.

Holy Wrath tends to hit the tank and melee around her. It is a fairly low damage spell and should not cause your raid any undue problems.

The rest of this instance is simply knocking down maiden in a tank and spank kind of way leaving you with some easy epics, and your raid group with one more boss down!

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