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Monday, 21 January 2008

Karazhan - Moroes

Moroes is the second boss in Karazhan. This boss is quite a tricky one logistically, good CC should make this a breeze but there is plenty of room for error in the unware.

But lets get back to basics. Moroes follows the Kara theme by being an undead, yet another guy who didn't realise it was time to quit the earth. His HP hovers aroun 378,000 and he has a wide array of skills as follows.

  • Melee - He hits for around 1600 - 2500 on a plate wearer
  • Blind - Moroes poisons a melee target causing them to go “blind” and run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off … much like Fear or Scatter Shot, this can be dispelled.
  • Gouge - Incapacitates the highest aggro with a Gouge. He will then attack the second person on the aggro list.
  • Vanish - Moroes vanishes every 30 seconds. Aggro will not reset.
  • Garrote - After coming back from a Vanish, Moroes puts a Garrote on one player dealing out 1000 damage every 3 seconds for 5 min. Can be removed by: Dwarf Stoneform, Paladins Blessing of Protection on others or Divine Shield on themselves, Mage Ice Block, items which remove bleed effects. Garrote will disappear once Moroes is killed.
  • Enrage - Moroes enrages at 30% increasing his damage.

Now Moroes himself is not that difficult, what makes this fight challenging is the adds.

Moroes has four additional elite guards. These are chosen from a random list, but usualy will include at least a healer and/or dispeller.

  • Baron Rafe Dreuger - Retri Pala
  • Baroness Dorothea Millstipe - Shadow Priest
  • Lady Catriona Von’Indi - Holy Priest
  • Lady Keira Berrybuck - Holy Pala
  • Lord Crispin Ference - Prot Warrior
  • Lord Robin Daris - MS Warrior

Dealing with these adds is the most important aspect of this fight, and should be dealt with care. Crowd control is a definate must on these guys, Shackle undead is invaluable, and kiting may also be a viable option if you have a hunter to hand. It is in my opinion best to Shackle the healers and keep them shackled till Moroes is dead. This basically means you have less time with Moroes hitting your team while you deal with the adds, once Moroes is down you can move onto the last one/s.

Remind your raid to use spell interupts on these guys whenever possible to greatly drop the time it takes to get them down.

Dont forget about gouge, when he hits your tank with this he will go straight for the second man in the agro list, make sure this is our off-tank!

Due to the lack of Taunt on this boss you may find it helps to have a hunter cast misdirect if possible, every little helps!

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