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Monday, 10 March 2008

Addon Spotlight - Gatherer - Tools to Help You Grind

In this weeks addon spotlight I will be suggesting gatherer.

There are several rival addons to Gatherer, including Cartographer. Gatherer does however have a much easier to use interface, importable data files (Great for downloading comprehensive and complete mine and herb locations) not to mention the fact that it not only records resources gathered by yourself but by all of your guild members using the addon too!.

Gatherer should be an essential addon for anybody who has a gathering profession, Its easy to use interface, intuitive symbols for different ores/herbs etc and ability to track other items (Such as treasure chests) make this a fantastic addition to your addon collection.

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Anonymous said...

Please be careful with Addons. I recently received a 72 hour suspension without warning. Stating the offense was third party software. The only questionable software I had installed was Cartographer. That Addon can expose areas of the map that you have not been to. This is forbidden in the EULA. While I do not no for sure if that was the software that I was suspended for it is a possibility. Blizz will not provide ANY information on there decision or what program it was.