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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Zul'Aman - Timed Event

The Zul'Aman Timed event is a bonus to the regular boss loots.

The timed event in ZA first starts when you talk to Harrison Jones, who suffers a rather unfortunate fate when the gates first open. When the event starts you have twenty minutes, this extends to 45 with the time bonuses from the first two bosses. Killing Nolorakk the Bear boss will grant you 15 extra minutes and Akil'zon the Eagle boss will grant you an extra ten. The other bosses will not grant any extra time.

After killing each boss (Not engaging, you must kill before the timer runs down) a chest weill appear by him, you get different loot in each one.

  • First chest gives a random piece of armor (iLvl 128).
  • Second chest gives a random weapon (iLvl 132).
  • Third chest gives a random ring (iLvl 141).
  • Fourth Chest gives the Amani War Bear, an awsome rare mount!

You need to clear trash incredibly quickly to complete the full timed event, and will probably be unable to do this without Black Temple Gear. You must chain pull throughout the entire instance, this means healers must constantly rotate and takea good supply of Super Mana Potions.

Do not free the prisoners untill after the event, they do not despawn and can be freed later.

The recommended boss order for this strategy is Eagle -> Bear -> Dragonhawk -> Lynx. This order is quqite simply the most time efficient and effective. You can mount up in this instance and it should be done to save time!

To complete this in time all players must know what to do and be able to do it well, DPS must be very high and tanks and healers need to be very well geared and organised.

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