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Monday, 31 March 2008

Magisters Terrace - Vexallus

Vexallus is the second boss in the Magisters' Terrace. He is an Arcane Elemental and sits at around 131,000 health. Like the majority of bosses this guy is untauntable!

But lets get back to his basic attacks,

  • Melees for around 3k arcane damage in heroic mode.
  • Chain Lightning - Infrequently cast but random and hits for around 2400 Nature damage to first target.
  • Overload (This occurs when Vexallus hits around 10% hp) - A chain cast Arcane Blast AoE dealing 1k damage to all of your party. Increases Arcane damage taken by 10%. Stacks up to 15 times, at which point Vexallus pauses in his attacks, nuke him quick here!.

Vexallus will regularly spawn a pure energy add. These are similar to the adds on Curator but with some basic differences.

  • They have less than 200 health, can be killed by pretty much anything, even healers!
  • Only one at a time will spawn in normal, two in Heroic.
  • Energy Bolt - Deals 2800 to 3200 arcane damage. 20 yard range.
  • Energy Feedback - Placed on the player who kills it. Deals 300 Arcane damage per second. Increases damage dealt by 50% for 30 seconds. layer. This stacks upto 15 times!


The most important thing here is add management, these guys have pitiful health but cause a lot of damage if not instantly killed. The killing of the adds should be spread between the DPS, that way the +Damage buff is used to full effect but the 300 damage per second DoT does not stack so much the healer can no longer handle it.

Since these debuffs and buffs stack rapidly it is imperative that you nuke this boss down as fast as possible or the healer will find it impossible to keep the group alive. Some people prefer to keep their DPS cool downs on hold till they have several stacks of the + Damage buff so they are used to full effect. Another (Rarely used) tactic is to swap the DPS hitting the adds in rotation so one can lose the DoT buff. This should only be used if you have very low DPS however as it is very hard to implement correctly and drags the fight out intolerably.

All Damage caused by Vexallus and his adds is Arcane, so Arcane resist gear can really help in this fight. This does not however reduce damage taken from the Feedback DoT, so it is important you do not gimp your groups DPS or Healing.

Before Vexallus hits 10% hp make sure you have killed all the Adds, since at this point you will receive a debuff increasing arcane damage taken, greatly increasing the attacking power of the Pure Energy Adds!

Tips and Tricks

Mages can iceblock and rogues can Cloak of Shadows out of the DoT, this should be used if the healer is having trouble keeping up with the damage being dealt.

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