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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Zul'Aman - Nalorakk (The Bear Boss)

Nalorakk is Zul'Aman's first boss (Although you can switch orders if you wish). Nalorakk has bene imbued with the spirit of the bear and will periodically change into this form during the fight, bringing in a host of different effects.

Nalorakk has around 800,000 health in and out of bear form. THis migh tnot seem like much hp, but don't be fooled this boss can be difficult!

The best part about this boss is that despite the fight taking a long time it is simple tank and spank, the only difference is tank rotation (Different tank for each form) and the fact that this fight is rather healing intensive.

But back to basics,

As previously stated, Nalorakk has 800,000 hp, does not perform crushing blows, IS tauntable and will enrage after 10 minutes, so kill him quick people

His different abilities in their respective forms are,

Nalorakk in Troll Form

  • Mangle: All bleed effects cause 100% additional damage
  • Surge: Charge ability, hits plate for about 1.5k hp, hits cloth for around 3k - 3.5k hpBrutal Swipe: A cleave ability that does 11-14k damage on plate (~30k unmitigated); can be divided evenly between two targets. It has a short range so the two tanks should stay pretty much on top of one another.
Nalorakk in Bear Form
  • Lacerating Slash: Bleeding for 1735 damage every 2 sec. (18 sec duration)
  • Rend Flesh: Bleeding for 2335 damage every 1 sec. (5 sec duration)
  • Deafening Roar: Deals 1235 to 1365 physical damage and silences enemies for 2 sec. MAke sure you have a lot of HoTs up for this!

Nalorakk is a fairly simple boss, especially considering some of the other ZA boss skills. The main things to worry about here are your tanks keeping in position and agroing, and your healers keeping the tanks fully topped up and with active HoTs on.

Your Tanks need to arrange which phase they will take, one for bear phase and one for troll. One tank alone cannot handle both the mangle and the bleed effects. Therefore it is important that as soon as Nalorakk switches forms the correct tank uses taunt and build up agro to the right level, the other tank should back off until the active tank has enough threat to keep agro after taunt fades. Both tanks should stand ontop of one another at all times to split the damage from the cleave abilities evenly. If just one tank gets hit he will most likely be one shotted.

Yes, Threat meters are most definately a necessity by this point, especially since your tanks ar unlikely to be able to use their full threat gain capabilities.

Healers, remember to keep HoTs up with at least 5 seconds left on them at all times, restoration druids are invaluable here, for their HoTs and inneverate. When you leave the silence oafter two seconds instantly throw your quickest heal on the tanks untill they regain full health.

All DPS must be very careful not to over agro on this fight.

Killing Nalorakk will extend the ZA timer event by 15 minutes,it is well worth taking this guy down first.

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