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Monday, 31 March 2008

Magisters' Terrace Guide - Priestess Delrissa

Priestess Delrissa is the third and arguably the hardest boss in the Magisters' Terrace instance, if not for her actually abilities than her four random gaurdians. The Gaurdians have various abilities and weaknesses, I have made a quick table outlineing these below! This boss is very similar to the Moroes fight, all her adds are however untauntable, be warned!

Name Race and class Notes
Apoko Broken Shaman Drops Totems (Windfury and Fire Nova) Heals, Purges regularly, even removing paladin shields.
Eramas BrightblazeBlood Elf Fury WarriorVery fast melee attacks, can Kick, Ice Trap or be Feared, although hew is Immune to Mind Control and Seduce.
Ellrys DuskhallowBlood Elf WarlockUses Shadow Bolt, Fear, and Seed of Corruption. She has an Imp pet named Fizzle, which can be killed quickly. She can be Polymorphed and Frozen. Immune to Seduce and Mind Control.
GaraxxasSatyr HunterComes with a pet ravager named Sliver. Can use Freezing Trap, banish and Warstomp for Crowd control. He is immune to sheep and cyclone.
Kagani NightstrikeBlood Elf RogueUses Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, and Gouge. Has Crippling Poison on his weapon. Can Vanish and reappear next to a random target. Can be sheeped and cycloned. Immune to Seduce.
YazzaiEthereal MageUses Frostbolt, Frost Nova, Blizzard, and randomly Polymorphs a target. She will also Ice Block. Can be polymorphed. Immune to Seduce.
ZelfanGan'arg EngineerUses Explosive Sheep, frontal flame cone. He can be Banished but is immune to seduce.

The Priestess Delrissa herself has several spells in her arsenall you also need to watch out for

  • Dispell Magic - Dispells two harmful spells from her adds/herelf or two benefitial spells from your party members.
  • Flash Heal - Quickly heasls an ally for 398 - 462
  • Shadow Word: Pain - lasts for 18 seconds, deals 36 shadow damage on normal 48 heroic.
  • Power Word: Shield - Places a shield on an ally, it can absorba round 1500 damage.
  • Renew - Heals an Ally for 430 every 3 seconds for 18 secodns (600 health a second in Heroics)
The key to defeating this boss is crowd control. All adds should be crowd controlled asap with any healers, Priestess Delrissa included, taken down as soon as possible. Spell steal is a great way to get some of Priestess Delrissa's fantastic spells onto your own party!

It is advisable to leave shadow word: pain on your party, that way it automatically removes any CC that may be put on them by the Adds.

Apart from that there is not really much a guide can tell you, this fight is very hectic, very random and requires a lot of independant player skill. If you still find yourself having torouble your players may find it easier if they bring a set of PVP gear for the fight.

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