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Friday, 28 March 2008

Magtheridons 2.4 Changes

*Edit* Thanks to the person who noted the roll back on the changes, I have amended this to reflect the final changes released in game.

Magtheridon I have to admit used to be one of my favorite raid bosses because of the sheer co-ordination required to take him down.

Now however several changes have been made that will make this fight infinately easier and infinately more worthwhile.

Firstly lets take a look at the fight itself, it will still involve clicking on 5 cubes, despite previous claims that it would be nerfed to 3. The difference is however that you no onger receive a debuff so you only need one group to deal with it, reducing the co-ordination. (You wouldn't think getting two groups of five people to click something every so often would be hard, but there you go!)

The infernals have been nerfed, their spawn rate is lower and their abilities weakened, you should no longer have any trouble crowd controlling these.

Instant death debris from the roof collapsing has been made easier to spot.

The loot has also been vastly improved as well. Magtheridon will now drop (IN adition to the epics and his head)

The buffs the channellers gave each other on death has been nerfed, you should now be able to clear the room of them before Magtheridon Releases.

3 Badges of Justice - great for those saving up for the sunwell epics.
Pit Lord's Satchel - A BoP none unique 20 slot bag!
Black Sack of Gems - A bag containing several Epic Quality Gems!
and finally - around 25g, mhhh love the moolah.

All in all quite a nice addition for this boss!

So for those who were having trouble downing this minimum trash, quick epics boss, your prayers have been answered.

A Magtheridon Take Down Guide can be found Here


Anonymous said...

i just ran mag's yesterday and still saw 5 cubes...and we have 5 people clicking them. what's the deal with the 3 that you are talking about?

Dave said...

Clearly bpmike83 cannot read.