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Friday, 7 March 2008

Karazhan Chess Event

Karazhan Chess Event

The Chess event in Kara is a fantastic and fun little break in the middle of your raid.

After downing boss after boss this little mini game provides a little light relief for the raid group, allowing your players to select a piece, wether it be a pawn, king or healer and jump into battle against the opposing chess pieces.

Once the battle is started you can select any piece that takes your fancy as long as it is not currently controlled. Different pieces have different skills, so most people will try and get one of the major pieces before a pawn.

You move and attack by selecting the appropriate icons from the pet bar that will apear, movement is controlled by this as well as changing the direction you face.

Kings are the most powerful units, they have high health and deal high damage. Alliance have King Llane, hode Warchief Blackhand. These guys have a sweep/cleave effect which deals 4k damage to 3 enemy units infront of him and has a heroism/bloodlust efefct which grants a 50% increase to damage dealt by all allied humanoids within 8 adjacent spaces.

However if your king dies it will signal the loss of the game and you will not receive any loot. It may help to keep your bishops (healers) on the king to keep him alive while he deals some major damage to the opposition.

The Queen has medium health and high damage. The queen will be a human conjurer on the alliance and an Orc warlock for the horde. She has an elemental blast/fireball which deals 4k damage to any piece within 4 spaces (3 diagonally) as well as a rain of fire / poison cloud that deals 6000 damage to any chess pieces adjacent to the target.

The Bishop will either be a Human Cleric or Orc Necrolyte. He has a 12k heal on a 20 second cooldown and a holy lance/shadow spear which does a meagre 2k damage. The bishop has low health and low damage, but its healing is invaluable.

The Knight will be a Human Charger or an Orc Wolf, with a 3k damage dealing smash / bite on 5 second cooldown and a stomp/howl effect that reduces damage dealt by 50% on all enemies adjacent to you. He has medium health but low damage.

Your rook will either be a Conjured Water Elemental or a Summoned Deamon. It will have either a Geyser or Hellfire effect which deals 3k damage to al adjacent hostile pieces as well as a fire shield/ water shield effect that reduces damage received by 50% for 5 seconds. This guy has low health and medium damage.

Your Pawns will be either Human Footmen or Orc Grunts. These guys have low health and damage with a 1k vicious strike/heroic blow and 500 damage absorbing Shield Block/Weapon Deflection.

Once you have chosen your piece and jumped into the fray you may find it easier if you all move quickly towards the oppositions king. Take hmi out quickly and you will win.

It wont be that easy though, Medivh will at some point cheat!

He will either put into place a Healing cheat, healing his king and possibly all other pieces to full hp. A damage cheat, which will surround random pieces on your team with fire causing massive damage (Move quickly out of this to avoid death) Or possibly a Berserking cheat, this increases several of the oppositions pieces size, speed and damage massively! If this happens take down the effected pieces ASAP!

After this however you will find the fight fairly easy.

Key strategies tend to involve a rush to the king, taking down healers and the queen on the way. It is however fairly hard not to lose this fight if you keep your king topped up with health and use him as a pretty much close to invunerable DPS Tank.


Anonymous said...

Easy fight, just have to know how to play chess. 2 manned it

Anonymous said...

its almost impossible to 1 man it :C the chess-master cheats and you cant move until the brick in front of you is dead. :C