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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Magisters' Terrace Guide - Kael'thas Sunstrider

Kael'thas Sunstrider is originally in Tempest Keep, however at the final boss of the Magisters Terrace you will find Kael'thas Sunstrider alive and well, although with a big green rdiamond stuck in his chest.

So far it is estimated that Kael'thas Sunstrider has around 170,000 Health, but dont let the low amount fool you, this boss is no cakewalk. He has a host of abilities that will decimate your raid if you are not careful!

  • Fireball - Hits for around 2.5k in normal, 6k in heroic mode. Its not resistable but can be interrupted and reflected.
  • Flamestrike - A large circle will appear on the ground, you have 5 seconds to get out of there or you and any other party members inside it will get hit for 5k (9k in heroics)
  • Summon Phoenix - In phase 1 towards a party member, they have a threat meter and can be kited, mages or hunters are good for this. In phase 2 they will stop moving and cast fireballs at party members. They pulse hellfire consistantly meaning a Pheonix can kill itself. When they die they will emit a low radius but high damage explosion with the knockback effect, leaving an egg. This must be destroyed ASAP or another phoenix will hatch!
  • Gravity Lapse - Gravity Lapse is cast in phase two (beginning at 50% health) Gravity lapse does several things, dfirslty it throws you into the air, especially when youg et close to the ground. Secondly it creates a DoT on all raid members for 300hp a second and thirdly he will spawn 3 Arcane Orbs (I hate these things) which do high melee damage. YOu can move during Gravity Lapse in a similar way to swimming.
In Heroic mode he casts two more spells
  • Shock Barrier - Absorbs 10k damage and makes him immune to interrupts. This usually signals the casting of pyro blast so all players must nuke asap to take the shield down and a player with interupt capability must do so ASAP
  • Pyroblast - Around 55k Damage on the current target, usually the tank. Cannot be reflected and can only be interrupted when you get the Shock Barrier down.

To begin with Kael'thas will mostly melee, casting only an occasional fireball. To make things even better these can be interrupted, so anyone with the ability should use it! He will cast Flamestrikes regularly, everyone in your group should however be able to avoid taking damage with ease.

When the phoenix spawns be sure to nuke him down ASAP, especially if you are nearing 50% of Kael'thas's health. If his health nears 50% and the PHoenix is still not dead cease DPS and take him out.

The best way to deal with the pheonix is to kite and nuke with two ranged DPS, the DPS must keep the phoenix away from the main group AND themselves to avoid taking damage on it's death. You will usually have at least 2 spawn during the fight. Make sure you destroy the egg or you will have to deal with an additional respawn!

To gain distance on the phoenix DPSers may find it usefull to jump down from the stage, forcing the phoenix to go down the ramp, this is a great way to gain some extra dps time.

When Kael'thas hits 50% he will cast the first gravity lapse. When this happens you will float freely around and take 300 damage a second for 30 seconds. At the same time he will summon three Arcane Orbs these hit for 2k a time so your party should fly around and avoid these. During Gravity Lapse there is no tanking required so everyone should all out DPS Kael'Thas if they get the opportunity.

After 30 Seconds Kael'thas will end Gravity Lapse due to him becoming 'tired' During this time he takes 50% plus damage and will not attack, so all out DPS him and use all DPS cooldowns. When this ends after another 30 seconds he will get back up and recast gravity lapse. It is possible for several classes to solo this boss after 50%, most notably Affliction warlocks, since Kael'Thas no longer attacks and the adds can be out manouvered.

No player should release spirit while any other player remains alive.

If you are doing this boss in heroic mode the fight is very similar but with one major difference. Shock barrier/pyroblast needs tobe taken down asap. If Kael'Thas casts Shock Barrier you must immediately take down the shield and then cast an interrupt on his Pyroblast or it is nearly gaurenteed you will wipe. The two possible escapes are a paladin bubble and warriors Shield wall/last stand (Sometimes)

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