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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Addons - Gazmik Fizzwidget's Adspace

For those of you who have spent a look at addons you will no doubt have come across some of Fizzwidget's wares. A lot of his addons are aimed towards professions or hunters, however one of his addons shines out to me above all others.

Adspace is laughably simple but ingeniously brilliant.

We have all been there, we goto the auction house, there is a white recipe you want going for 15g. You know that somewhere it will be on a vendor, but finding ouch which one is a royal pain in the behind.

Adspace however comes to the rescue quite neatly. on the end of any recipe/pattern/etc tooltip it adds another couple of lines describing vendor locations for your faction (Alliance or Horde). So if you are in the Auction House and you hover over a recipe instead of wasting your hard earned gold you now have something telling you it is infact only a flight path away.

I know this isnt a game changing addon, it wont help you in a raid and it wont help you kill anyone else. It could however save you 10 minutes of tabbing and searching the internet every so often, and it could save you wasting your gold on items you could have bought significantly cheaper at a vendor!

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