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Monday, 21 April 2008

Tempest Keep Al'ar Guide

Al'ar is tehnically the first boss of tempest keep, though groups new to TK may skip him and go to the relatively easier Vod Reaver and Solarian first.

Al'ar is basically a large pheonix pet of Kael'Thas Sunstrider, and it's a pet that drops some pretty nice loot!

But down to the nitty gritty, Al'ar stands at 2,800,000 health and hasa couple of tages you need to watch out for. Al'ar also has several attacks that can devestate a raid,

Phase 1

  • Flame Quills: Al'ar will fly to the center of the room instead of moving to a new platform occasionally. Al'ar will then launch Flame Quills that hit anyone on the platforms or the outer part of the ramps. Deals around 8k Fire damage a second, for around five seconds.
  • Ember Blast: Explodes upon his first death, knocking back any raid member within 15 yards. This hits for about 10k fire damage, and upto 1k fall damage. WHen this is cast it signals phase 2

Phase 2

  • Rebirth: deals around 5k fire damage to any raid member within melee range, with a knockback across the room. This occurs several seconds after a Dive Bomb. He will spawn in the same location where the Dive Bomb hit. Al'ar will also use this ability at the start of Phase 2, when he respawns in the middle of the room.
  • Dive Bomb: Al'ar flies up, and targets a random player. Al'ar then dives into the ground at that location. This hits for around 5k fire damage, and spawns two Ember of Al'ar adds. Al'ar will then cast Rebirth at the same spot. 30 second cooldown.
  • Flame Patch: Tragets an area around a random player, deals 3k fire damage per tick.
  • Melt Armour: Target's armor is decreased by 80% for 60 seconds, another tank must taunt immediately after this is cast.
  • Enrage: Al'ar enrages 10 minutes after the start of phase 2, wiping the raid very quickly.

Ember of Al'ar

  • 70,000 health.
  • Hits for 1500 melee damage.
  • One spawns after each position change in Phase 1, two more spawn after each Dive Bomb in Phase 2.
  • Each time one is destroyed, Al'ar's health is drained by 3% of max health in phase 2.
  • Ember Blast: Explodes upon death, knocking back any player in range (~15 yards). Deals ~7k fire damage, and an additional ~1k fall damage.

These can be stunned but are immune to any other types of Crowd Control.


Despite the large amount of fire damage in this fight it is generally recommended that Fire resistance is not stacked unless you are a tank. As much damage as possible should be self healed in this fight so stock up on bandages and potions. Greater Fire Protection Potions are pretty useful in this fight!


Phase 1

When the fight first begins Al'ar will always fly to platform on the far left, A tank should be ready and waiting to avoid flame buffet. During the entirety of phase one Ranged should be stood on the ground firing upwards, it is impossible for ranged to pull agro at this point of the fight. Melee can draw agro so must be careful to avoid pulling Al'ar as they will most likely be out of LoS. Tanks should stand on the very edge of the platform so healers can reach them, if they move too far into the platform they may lose line of sight.

In theory you should have five tanks on this boss though it is doable with three, one tank is required to handle the Embers of Al'ar, the other two should take each side of the platform, if you have an extra two tanks thy should cover the middle platforms. Flame Quills does cause some problems hear and can be avoided by jumping off the platforms. While it has been said that you can avoid it by moving against the walls on the ramps you can miss this as well, but with an 8k damage a tic debuff hitting up there My guild has never risked doing this. In the meantime whenever Al'ar starts spinning anyone left on the platform should jump down immediately and run back up. It is imperative your tanks return to their places immediately or your entire raid will start taking damage from Flame Buffet.

Once Al'ar has been on the first platform for 30 seconds he wil move onto the next one clockwise, he will repeat this pattern until a flame quill effect takes place..

Everytime Al'ar eaves a platform an Ember of Al'ar will spawn, these tend to go to the healers but a tank standing at the bottom of the two ramps can easily pick up any flying down. Since Melee are fairly ineffective on the boss they should help with the adds, a rogues stun is usefull around 3-4% health on these as it gives dps time to move out before the add explodes (This does mean one has to stay behind to finish it off, Paladins or Rogues cloak of shadows is good here.

If Al'ar casts Flame Quills he will return to either platform one or four. If your raid group does not have enough tanks for every platform you can have a tank waiting at the bottom of the platform ready to run up as soon as the flame quills ends.

Phase 2

A well proven tactic in phase two is to save Al'ars adds. Each time one of these is killed in phase two it removes 3% of Al'ars health. During phase one you can reduce an adds health down to ~5 % and in phase two a warlock can cast Seed of Corruption plus a couple of dots. When the explosions start chances are the tank holding the adds will die, unless they have a paladins bubble handy.

Phase 2 occurs when Al'ar reaches 0% health for the first time. When Al'ar hits 0% health it will explode for a large amount of fire damage and will reappear at the centre of the room casting a massive knock back effect. Flame Buffet is till in effect in phase two so a tank must pick Al'ar up immediately.

When phase two hits Ranged dps are better suited to the adds and melee on the boss, this helps when scattering to avoid meteor.

While on the ground Al'ar will spawn random flame patches on the ground. Players should move away from these asap, although since flame patches are targetted on a player they can be Spell Reflected.

Al'ar will occasionally charge, tanks should follow Al'ar when this happens, since he does not always return afterwards and can begin casting flame buffet. During this time Alar will cast a Melt Armour debuff on hte Tank lowering his armour by 60%, when this happens he should cease threat generation and another tank should take over.

When in the air Al'ar will cast Dive Bomb (Formerly Meteor) that will hit for around 5k on a target and people surrounding him. When this happens move away asap, he will return in teh same area with a hefty knockback spell. When this occurs we will spawn two more Embers of Al'ar on the ground he hit, tanks shouldbe ready to pick these up!

During this fight all players should stay off the ramps platforms and near the door as Al'ar has been known to bug and evade when dive bombing these locations, resetting him.

If you are a warrior jump into a flame patch and cast spell reflection. (This may have changed in Patch 2.4, Can any readers verify this??)

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