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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Tempest Keep - Void Reaver (Loot Reaver)

For many guilds Tempest Keep and Serpent Shrine Cavern are their ultimate goals. Tempest Keep tends to be easier for most who are new to 25 man content, but only on certain bosses.

Although Al'ar is meant to be the first boss in Tempest Keep he is fairly difficult, for this reason many guilds new to the instance may find themselves heading to Void Reaver, otherwise known as Loot Reaver due to how easily he is downed and the pretty damn nice loot he drops.

So onto what you need to know about the Void Reaver, his health stands at around 4,750,000 and life and mana drain effects will not work on him. The fight only has two main points, one part for ranged and one for tanks. Ranged must look out for Arcane Orbs, Tanks must be aware of KNock Away, a threat reduction ability. To deal with knock away you will need three, but preferably four tanks in your group. But back on point, here are his skills in a bit more detail!

  • Pounding: An 18 yard AoE around the Void Reaver that lasts for 3 seconds and hits for around 1k to 2.3k arcane damage per second, This can be resisted and isfor no more than three seconds.
  • Arcane Orb: A ranged AoE with a 6 second silence effect that hits for around 6k Damage to a player. This has a 3 second cooldown and will be fired towards a random player, it moves pretty slow and can be avoided, or rather, must be avoided as they can do a lot of damage. This will only be fired at raid members outside the 18 yard range of Pounding.
  • Knock Away: A Single target push back ability that is used on the tank with the highest threat and reduces the players aggro significantly. It has a 20 sec cooldown and can be missed, parried or dodged to avoid the threat reduction debuff.
Due to Voidreaver being a fairly simple boss the tactics are likewise very easy. As previously noted you should have four tanks keeping agro on the boss, he is untaunatble so keeping your threat up is a priority if you are tanking Void Reaver. the Melee and tanks should all be placed in the same groups so AoE heals have full effect. These should be used liberally to counteract Pounding. Circle of Healing and Chain Heal are ideal for this.

For ranged players everyone should spread out ina circle at maximum range from Void Reaver. When he casts an arcane orb towards you it is imperative that you move out of the way as soon as possible. It may help to assign your healers locations around the room, this should prevent anyone leaving healing range.

Agro Management is the absolute key to this fight, A sharp eye is needed on your threat meter as tanks all too often dip below the top DPSers on this boss, and chances are that will wipe your raid group!

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