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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Al'ar Evade Bug in Tempest Keep

Most guilds have been here, you are doing a run of Tempest Keep, you get Al'ar past phase one and are dealing with the second stage magnificently. Then the unthinkable happens. It has happened to me, and chances are if you are reading this its happened to you. Al'ar evades, resets and laughs at you from above.

This evade bug has stretched already strained tensions to breaking point in a few guilds, especially those that have just entered TK and are on their first attempts at the big bird. We were 17% off downing him for the first time with a full raid still alive and at high health when it happened to us.

So why does Al'ar evade?

The usual cause of Al'ar evading is when he is in his second phase and casts Dive Bomb. If he dive Bombs anyone on the platforms or near the doorway there is a very high likelihood that Al'ar will glitch and act as though he left the room.

This is not only irritating because of the fight resetting, but also because one of the major glitch points (the door) is also one of the few real landmarks you can use as a raid regrouping point.

But whatever you choose to do it's best to avoid the possible bugging points, fight in the central area of the room and have fun downing Al'ar!

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