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Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Actual Magtheridon Changes in Patch 2.4

There has been a lot of confusion with people going to Magtheridon's Lair in Patch 2.4 and expecting the 3 cubes that were active in the public test realms. I thought I best clear things up here. A lot of writers talking about the Patch 2.4 notes based their research on the Public Test Realms. In the Public Test Realms (PTRs) prior to patch 2.4 Magtheridon Only had 3 cube clicking boxes, this was expected to be the major nerf Blizzard were talking about.

However when the live version of patch 2.4 was released we soon discovered that Magtheridon was back to 5 boxes and had been nerfed in other areas.

For instance, the infernals now spawn less frequently, the channelers are easier to take down and their is no debuff when you click a box, making rotations significantly easier.

For a Full Rundown of the actual Magtheridon's 2.4 Patch Changes (Not PTR notes) Click Here

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