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In this blog I will be writing walkthroughs and videos on how to take down those WoW raid bosses that have been giving your guild trouble, how to survive PUGs and how to advance into the end game content of World of Warcraft with step by step instructions and guides. Ontop of how to beat WoW instance bosses I will be giving boss and class information, helping you improve how you play your character and which professions may prove useful to you in and out of the instances and raids in World of Warcraft.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tales of Adventure in WoW

I have recently decided to take a bit of a break between writing my more serious posts by writing an in theme comedic journal of my wanderings around azeroth and the outlands. Bear with me as I am new to writing in my style but please take a look and comment at

I would am grateful for any support while I try to get in teh swing of writing this!

For those unsure, here is a quick excert,

"Todaye I also sawe a Warloke, whom I tolde to reforme his ways. He introduced me too hys fiende Shara, she yst prettey as a royale princesse, I shalle proposee to wedd her todaye,"


"Myne blessed princesse hath a whip ofe most acute payne. Indeed myne flighte hast never been so hastily runne as myne mistress tooke too thy aire on great leathern wings. I do notte hath a clue as too howe I missed those great thynges.

Fromm thys day forthe aye shalle seeke women from myne realme onley."

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