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Monday, 14 April 2008

Tempest Keep - High Astromance Solarian Tactics Guide

High Astromancer Solarian is usually the second boss taken down in Tempest Keep. This walkthrough will show you the tactics to help you down Solarian in no time!

Dispite Al'ar being the first boss seen in Tempest Keep (TK) Many groups have great difficulty taken down Al'ar so go for either Void Reaver or Solarian due to their relative ease.

Solarian has around 2,800,000 and has several abilities you must watch out for.

  • Wrath of the Astromancer: Turns a random raid member into a Bomb that hits for around 6k damage after 6 seconds, before it explodes the effected player will deal AoE damage to the raid. When the AoE hits everyone effected is thrown into the air and takes 90% fall damage. It is pretty much gaurenteed everyone effected by this will die. The person who was effected by the bomb will land unscathed from fall damage.
  • Arcane Missiles: Hits 3 times for 3k damage on a random raid member.
  • Blinding Light: 2.5k AoE arcane damage to the entire raid. Has a 20 second cooldown.
  • Every 50 seconds Solarian will disappear and three beams of light will appear. summoning around 12 - 15 non elite adds, after these fade Solarian will re-appear with two priest adds.
The adds have the following attributes,

Non elite Adds (Agents):

  • 30.000 Health
  • 1500 damage on cloth

Elite Adds (Priests):

  • 80,000 Health
  • 300 damage on cloth

When setting up your raid group it helps to have some arcane resistance, but do not nerf yourself. The Violet Badge from a karazhan quest chain is incredibly useful here. Due to the large number of adds a Paladin tank is especially useful here and all raid members should group around him when the adds appear.

Phase One.

The raid should be split into two groups, melee and ranged. Each group should have a leader and back up leader marked by a symbol. All members of each group must gather around their relevant leader. This ensures that when anybody gets the bomb debuff they can move out of the way of everyone else ASAP.

The bomb is the raid breaker in this fight, who ever has it will have large purple flairs emminating from his body. They must move out of the way of your raid as soon as physically possible to reduce raid damage. Everyone hitby this will get thrown into the air and will take around 90% fall damage apart from the person with the bomb debuff (they will land unscathed). Anyone who gets hit by this will most likely die.

The second thing that needs to be watched out for is Arcane Missiles, these hit for 9k damage in quick succession, all but the main tank healer need to keep an eye out for this and throw some quick heals on, flash heal and flash of light are perfect for this.

Phase 2

When phase 2 hits Solarian will disappear and three beams of light will appear. From these between 12 and 15 non elites will spawn, these hit for 1.5k damage so must be tank controlled. This can be done by tank rotation on AoE agro but it is much more effective if you have a paladin Tank. When this occurs to avoid problems both groups must group together, if this doesnt happen then the adds will go after random players and it is very likely they will die. After 15 Seconds Solarian will respawn along with two priests. The priests must be stunlocked and interrupted, otherwise they will heal both Solarian and Themselves. All DPS should nuke these down as soon as they can.

The first two phases will rotate several times.

Phase 3

Phase three turns into a simple tank and spank. When Solarian hits 20% health she will turn into a voidwalker. This will significantly increase her armour and her previous attacks will cease. She now has an arcane bolt attack and a fear spell. The fear should be avoided with spells such as fear ward or stance dancing, failure to do so can result in Solarian attacking DPS.

Manage to handle all this and you have managed to down Solarian, i hope this walkthrough helped, and even more so that the guide led you to success!

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