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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Magisters' Terrace Guide -Sunwell Isle (MrT or MgT)

The Magisters' Terrace is a brand new 5 man instance that appeared in Patch 2.4. Yes I know this isn't a raid but due to its increased difficulty and in heroic mode Kara equivalent drops I thought I should cover it!

There are four bosses, each of which I have done a write up for,

Selin Fireheart
Priestess Delrissa
Kael'Thas Sunstrider

But not only are there four kick ass bosses (Including Kael'thas from Tempest Keep) but the trash is also insane, and requires good and well played crowd control.

Here is a rundown of the trash in Magisters' Terrace (Known as MrT or MgT depending on your server!)

Mob Normal Heroic Mode
Sunblade Blood Knight Hits hard and can heal with Holy Light. Uses a stealable seal (Seal of Wrath) that adds a large amount of holy damage to each melee and spell. Can be mind controlled, sheeped, seduced or trapped.
Sunblade Mage Guard Casts a stationary Magic Dampening Field that reduce spell damage and healing received by 75% on a player. Also has an AoE stun seun effect and a random Glaive Throw. Can be mind controlled, sheeped, seduced, or trapped.
Sunblade Magister Uses Arcane Nova and Frostbolt. Every spell cast gives them a stacking 10% haste bonus to spellcasting, the haste buff is stealable and dispellable, so if you have a mage wait for this to stack a few times then spellsteal! Immune to Mind Control and Seduce. Can be sheeped.
Sunblade Warlock Repeatedly casts Incinerate and occasionally casts Immolate. Has a stealable fel armor buff that provides 250 spell damage. Mages should steal this as well! Comes with an easily killed Imp pet. Can be mind controlled, sheeped, seduced, or trapped.
Sunblade Physician Their weapons have Inject Poison that puts a DoT on the player for 1.2k-1.4k nature damage to the target every 3 sec for 15 sec. He will also use Prayer of mending. Can be seduced, mind controlled, or sheeped. You must keep this guy crowd controlled as prayer of mending can heal for a lot.
Inject Poson hits for 3k - 3.5k per 3 seconds for 15 seconds.
Wretched Bruiser Low power Melee mob, can be ignored till al one CC'ed mobs are taken down. He has a Fel Infusion spell that increases speed and damage dealt for 10 sec. Also uses Wretched Strike (Mortal Strike like) that reduces healing done to the target
Hit clothies for 2-3k. Dont AoE in Heroic Mode
Wretched Skulker Dual Wield mob. Uses Fel Infusion to increase attack speed and damage for 10 sec. Also uses Wretched Stab to do normal damage plus 150. Hit clothies for around 2-3k. Don't AoE in heroic mode
Wretched Husk Casts Frostbolt and Fireball as well as casting Fel Infusion to increase attack speed and damage for 10 sec.
Sunblade Sentinel Casts fel lightning on all nearby party members which hits for around 1.5k fire damage.
Brightscale Wyrm These come in large packs of between 8-12 before the boss Vexallus. They provide a stacking damage buff called Energy Infusion upon being killed. Each kill gives everyone in the party another 1% to their damage done. These ahve low health so all AoErs get in on this, including priests with holy nova/
Sunblade Keeper He occasionally spawns with the Wyrms and will detonate a mana cell. This causes the Wyrm groups to go into a feeding frenzy and become a single large and difficult to take down group. The person with the highest agro wil usually get banashed, be warned this is often the healer. On top of that he also has Shadow Bolt and Shadow Bolt Volley in his arsenal.

Sister of Torment Will use a seduce called Deadly Embrace, on random targets as well as Lash of Pain. Can be enslaved or banished, and is susceptible to a Paladin's Turn Evil.
Ethereum Smuggler Will occasionally teleport to a random target and spam a lot of Arcane Explosion very quickly. Can be sheeped, trapped and Mind Controled.
Coilskar Witch Attacks with a bow and has the spells and effects Forked Lightning, Frost Arrow, and Mana Shield. Can be mind controlled, sapped and seduced.

As with all trash pulls of this type you must crowd control or nuke down the healers asap. At the start of the instance you will see a lot of stationary magic dampening fields, use these to your advantage. A well co-ordinated group can step in these till they hit around 50% health (If they are taking spell damage), then step out so your healers can top you up.

Be careful though, stepping in these reduces reduces damage and healing taken, so your healer must remember not to cast heals while you are in the field (Since teh heal will be reduced by 75% and become very mana inefficient. Doing this reduces your damage taken by spells by 75% and stepping out gives you the opportunity to receive full healing effects. If you are taking damage from a melee class move out of these asap as it has no benefit and massively reduces the healing you take!

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